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Course load

During the regular semester:
  • Take the usual 6-9 hours / semester.
  • Take an additional 4 - 7 hours of ECE8/9000 to sum to a 13 hour load. Non-thesis students will perform no work but still receive credit for these hours. Thesis students will work on their research topics to receive credit for these hours.
  • Exception: students enrolled in the ESL class must enroll in a maximum of 9 hours that semester.
During the summer:
  • Students with a summer TA, an RA extending through the summer, or students funded on a fellowship must enroll in a total of 6 hours summed across all summer sessions.
  • Students intending to graduate during the summer must enroll in at least 1 hour.
  • Students outside these categories will not enroll in classes during the summer.

Recommended courses