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Paper composition and reviews

General review criteria:

  • Why is this paper important (why should I even read it, if e.g. I’m a busy professor)? E.g. what is the motivation for solving this problem?
  • What are the results of the paper? Are they new and novel, or has someone else already done this work / it’s a slight variation of existing work?
  • Are the results supported by either proofs or experiments?
  • Is the math presented correct?
  • What is the quality of the writing?

The IEEE TRO review criteria instruct reviewers on how to evaluate a paper.

Robotics journals include

Getting the most out of a conference


  • Bring / print business cards to give to people you meet

What session to attend

  • Look through the conference proceedings for names of authors in papers you’ve cited
  • Look at the list of keywords for possibilities
  • Scan the book for talks

At conference

  • Think of questions to ask
  • Talk with the best presenter in a given session after the session is over
  • Look at the paper using PDFs in conference proceedings
  • Critique the presenters: what did they do well? What makes a good presentation? How can you learn/incorporate this?
  • Find and talk with people – have lunch, chat during sessions, etc.

After conference

  • E-mail people you met / authors of papers you’re interested in.

Lab inventory

View the current inventory. To get inventory from the system, click on the ECE home page, choose Department, then facilities/computing, then facilities support from the page, then main menu under Equipment Inventory Management Functions. Next, choose list inventory, room equals 427 and located less than 2 and click submit choice.

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