Publishing your Writing

The following are just a few of the online sites that publish writing by students and young people. These sites are also good sources to see what others are writing about.

A note to writers: Publications expect you to read their publications to know what kinds of work they publish. Take time to become familiar by reading their content online or requesting a sample copy. DO NOT just send your work without having read the publication. It's a mistake too often made by many writers, and it annoys the publisher. Do not annoy publishers.

Submissions Guidelines

Visit the website of the place that you are planning on submitting your work. Read any “about” page they have, read a couple articles or stories that they publish, and read their guidelines for submitting work. If they don't seem right for you, then move on to the next. If they seem like a good place for you to submit, write the answers to these questions:

  1. What publication are you planning on submitting to?

  2. What is their submission process? (Who do you send it to? Who will read it?)

  3. Do they have a length requirement?

  4. Do you have to format your work in a certain way?

  5. Do you have to write a cover letter?