What's My Grade?

ASSESSMENT and GRADING: In middle school, students get two grades: a Standards Based Grade and a Habits of Work Grade.

  • Standards Based Grading: This grade represents how well you have mastered the skills we use and practice in English class. It is based on

    • Projects  (40%) include book reports, posters, and presentations

    • Quizzes (20%) include in-class tests of grammar, vocabulary, reading, or other skills

    • Essays (40%) include longer writing assignments which go through multiple drafts

  • Habits of Work Grading: This grade represents how you conduct yourself as a student and citizen of the class. It is based on:

    • Student Citizenship (40%) includes:

      • Participation: student focus and effort, respect for classroom rules, and support of your classmates (recorded on the Go Green chart)

      • Preparation: students are on time to class, and have their materials ready to go

      • Homework Completion: students bring completed work to class on the day it is due.

      • Independent reading

    • Notebook/Daily Assignments (40%) include all work completed in a student’s reading or writing notebook, and any shorter assignments outside the notebook.

    • Projects (20%) include whether student has put in effort, care, and pride to complete larger assignments and turn them in on time.