40 Book Challenge

This year we are going to challenge ourselves as readers by reading 40 books before the last day of school.

That’s right, 40 books! (It’s going to be awesome!)

To meet this challenge, we will read lots of different kinds of books,

celebrate reading, share what we read with each other, and keep a

record of what we read.

What Kinds of Books Will We Read?

Fiction Books (20)

  • 4 chapter books of your choice

  • 4 historical fiction ( Fire From the Rock, The Inquisitor’s Tale, The Ghost in the Tokkaido Inn, etc.)

  • 4 realistic fiction ( Eleanor & Park, The Hate U Give, Rules, etc.)

  • 2 sci-fi ( Revenger, Ender’s Game, Uglies, etc.)

  • 1 fantasy ( Graceling, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Amulet of Samarkand, etc.)

  • 1 classic ( The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, etc.)

  • 1 book of traditional literature (myths, folktales, fables, etc.)

  • 1 mystery (the Alex Rider books, The Westing Game, etc.)

Non-Fiction Books (15):

  • 9 biography, autobiography, or memoir ( I am Malala, Persepolis, Unbroken, etc.)

  • 6 informational (Bomb, Fireflies, Honey, and Silk, Big Bad Ironclad, Explorers and Traders, etc.)

Poetry (5):

  • This may be an anthology (collection) of poetry, or it could be a book written in poetic verse (Rebound, Voices from the Titanic, Enchanted Air, etc.)

Award Winner (can be fiction or non-fiction) (2):

  • Examples of book awards: Coretta Scott King Award, Newbery Book Award, National Book Award, Pura Belpre Award, Printz Award, etc.

Graphic Novels - can be fiction or non-fiction (3):

  • 5 graphic novels - can be fiction or non-fiction (ex: This One Summer, Sisters, I Kill Monsters, etc.)


  1. What do I do if a book covers more than one genre?

One book per semester may be counted for two genres.

  1. How long does my book need to be?

Your book should be at least 80 pages (unless it is a graphic novel). Please talk to your teacher if you want to read a book that is under 80 pages long.

  1. What if my book is REALLY Long?

If your book is longer than 350 pages, it will count as two books!

  1. How will I be graded?

Each quarter you must read at least 10 books in order to keep up with the requirement of 40 books by June. Reading these 10 books and writing weekly reflections on your reading will give you a 4 for the Independent Reading portion of your HOW grade. There will also be occasional writing assignments about your independent reading books (for example, book recommendations, reviews, or projects). These will contribute to your SBP grade.

  1. How will I find good books in genres that I don’t usually read?

  • Visit your local library, school library, classroom library or bookstore

  • Ask a friend or classmate

  • Look at the Recommended Reading Board

  • Wait to hear a book talk from your teacher, librarian, classmate, or your teacher!

  • Talk to your teacher or Ms. Lee in the library

     7. Will a whole class novel (shared reading) or literature circle book count as one of my 40 books?


     8. Will your teacher also be taking part in the 40 Books by June challenge?


Useful Websites for Finding Great Books: