Hello and welcome to Ms. Semmel's class website

Ms. Sarah Semmel is in her third year of teaching, first year at Ladue. Prior to teaching at Ladue, Ms. Semmel taught American and British Literature as well as Publications and Journalism at Orchard Farm high school in St. Charles, Mo.

If you have any questions about one of her classes, The Panorama (the student newspaper), or The Rambler (the student yearbook), please feel free to email her or stop by after school. 
On this site you can find your class syllabus, any important announcements, class updates, and links to important websites/ information. 

  • Picture retakes are Oct. 24 during seminar. This is the final day to get your photo taken for the yearbook or for your student id. 
  • Order your 2017 yearbook here and use code 8041 for Ladue. Books are currently $58 and price will increase Oct. 22. 
  • J1, Panorama, and Rambler students all need to create a Wordpress to blog about their progress throughout the semester