Ms. Schott's Website

Welcome to 5th Grade at 

James Giles School! 

            5th grade is a special year when your child will go through many changes physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. I truly hope that these changes are positive, exciting, and unforgettable. As your child matures he/she will be expected to assume more of the responsibilities for his/her own learning. 5th grade is a crucial time for development in maturity, accountability, and respect; therefore, the integration of those skills with be a part of our daily routine in our classroom.

            Parents/guardians are essential to student success, and I encourage parents/guardians to be actively involved in their children’s education and co-curricular activities. Be assured that I will actively be working along with the 5th grade teaching teams in an effort to help your child reach his/her full potential. Our team approach is designed to assist your child to achieve success. Furthermore, I encourage you to communicate with me throughout the school year. You may reach me via email at, or you can call the school office and be connected to my classroom line.

            Students having difficulty are encouraged to schedule a time to meet with me before school, after school, or during recess if they are struggling in any subject. I am always open to helping my students in any way - just ask! Also, I post on my website every evening to update parents/guardians on homework from the day or classroom/school announcements. I also use Text Remind, which is a texting application that reaches out to parents/guardians each evening to remind them of homework & any important announcements. I encourage you to check those text message updates, and frequently visit the classroom website to stay up-to-date.

Thank you! Let's have a great year!