Hola and bonjour from Ms. Schmearer!

What are we learning this week?

Week of June 11, 2018:

6th grade - We will have a reading summative assessment on action verbs at the beginning of this week. This will be your last summative for the school year.

7th grade - We will learn how to tell time in French and Spanish and will persevere as we try to tackle the second half of the clock!

8th grade - We will watch your original French and Spanish movies this week (they are due Tuesday). I cannot wait to see the final films!

(Please see the left side of this page for homework and vocabulary links for all grades! This website and homework assignments, as well as reminders can also be found on Google Classroom.)

What's happening at Mahoney this week?

Monday, June 11th - Happy Monday! Please remember that this is the full week of the school year and that grades close at the end of the day this Thursday. Be sure to see me (or any teacher!) if you have any work that you need to complete or any assessments that you'd like to retake.

Also, there will be no Connections today due to 5th grade Step Up Day.

Tuesday, June 12th - 8th graders...please remember that your final original movies are due today!

Wednesday, June 13th - Steam class will be presenting their Cain's Arcade today to visiting third graders from 10:30 to 11:30. Have fun!

Thursday, June 14th- Grades close at the end of the school day today. Please see me if you have anything that you still need to complete or hand in! 

Friday, June 15th - Today is field trip day at Mahoney! 8th grade heads to Point Sebago, 7th grade is off to Crescent Beach, and 6th grade will walk to Bug Light! Happy weekend!

When is Ms. Schmearer available this week?

I will be available this week as follows:

Monday, June 11th - before and after school
Tuesday, June 12th - before and after school
Wednesday, June 13th - before and after school
Thursday, June 14th - before and after school
Friday, June 15th - before school

Please see me if you need help with assignments or have questions/need to practice for upcoming assessments.

Feel free to email me!

Ms. Schmearer's email: schmeaan@spsdme.org

What's the random word/phrase of the week?

Can you use the following word or phrase with me or a classmate in class?  If you can, you will not only be learning something new and sharing that knowledge with others, but you will also earn a "point" or a "punto"!  Keep a separate list of all of the words and phrases posted here on my site this year, and be eligible for a special award...stay tuned!

French:  mon voisin
Spanish:  mi vecino


¡La música!  La musique!

Billy la bufanda

YouTube Video

Los pollitos dicen

YouTube Video

Arc en ciel

YouTube Video

Alouette, gentille alouette

YouTube Video

Libérée, délivrée

YouTube Video

Libre soy

YouTube Video