Welcome to St. John the Baptist School 
                           in Jefferson, Wisconsin!


                           A Reading from the Acts of the Apostles


                       “…The group of believers was one in mind

                        and heart.  None of them said that any of

                        their belongings were their own, but they

                        all shared with one another everything they

                        had….there was no one in the group who was

                        in need.”


                         This is the spirit of a Catholic life.

                     This is the spirit of St. John the Baptist School.

                                                       We Love You, Treyton, our "Angel Boy"! 

                                                                Given by God:  October 4, 2003

                                                         Returned to God:  September 2, 2010


                                                                     "Be Strong....Be Connor"
                                                                 Given by God: April 23, 1999
                                                                 Returned to God:  July 22, 2011





           The 8th graders (2015-2016) have chosen St. Maria Goretti as their classroom
          saint.  She inspired the students with her courage in resisting sin and died
          as a result.  Before her death, she forgave her killer and said she wanted to
          save his soul so that he would be in Heaven with her.  St. Maria Goretti is the
          patron saint for adolescent girls and for this Year of Mercy!

         The 8th graders (2014-2015) have chosen Pope St. Gregory the Great 
         as their classroom saint.  He is the patron saint of students, teachers,
         and singers.  


        The 8th graders  (2012-2013) have chosen Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha as their classroom saint!  She will be canonized as the first Native American Saint on Sunday, October 21st!  


The 8th graders chose St. Maximilian Kolbe as our classroom saint this year.
                  The 8th graders chose St. Maximilian Kolbe as our classroom saint
               (2011-2012).  He is known as the "Saint of Auschwitz" and Patron
               Saint of prisoners.  Read about this "Martyr of Charity" at: