Phantom Death

Erik's Letter         A Valentine Missive 

Book IV in The Phoenix of the Opera Series, Phantom Death by Sadie Montgomery 


The Next Book in The Phoenix of the Opera Series, Book IV, Phantom Death, coming soon. 

My dearest Signora Montgomery,

Fondest greetings to you on this the day commemorating the martyred St. Valentine. I trust that my letter finds you and your family well. My family continues to thrive although it has been a difficult year for us. Perhaps you read about the terrible fire at the Teatro dell'Opera which caused me great injury? We are grateful that it is all in the past now. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

My family and I anxiously await the publication of your newest work so that we may learn the fate that awaits us. My darling wife, Meg, is particularly concerned with the title of your new volume, but I have assured her that all will be well in the end. I do indeed hope that I am not mistaken in my beliefs on this matter.

Your obedient servant, 


The Phoenix of the Opera Series

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