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Phantom Nightmare


Book VII in The Phoenix of the Opera Series

The 7th novel in The Phoenix of the Opera series continues the saga of the Phantom.

Invited to London by the Duke and Duchess of Lancaster, Erik is resigned to working on the Duke’s amateur opera, but he is not prepared to face two figures from his past, Dr. Richmond and Celeste Renoit.

Sculptress and murderer, Celeste Renoit, like Erik, was once interned in Dr. Richmond’s asylum in Austria. Now with the patronage of London society, she prepares for an exhibition of her work: a series of busts based on Erik’s unmasked face.

No less disturbing is the rumor that Dr. Richmond is working on a manuscript of his most interesting cases, including that of the Phantom of the Opera.

But darker deeds may be in store for Erik and his family. For bodies have been found floating in the river, drained of blood, their faces mutilated.

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Sadie Montgomery


(August 2013)

Willoughby is the story, taken from the pages of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, of the ill-fated lovers, Marianne and Willoughby. Foolish and impetuous, Willoughby becomes involved in a reckless affair, the consequences of which he won't fully know until it's too late. Only when he meets and falls in love with Marianne Dashwood does he understand and regret the consequences of his rash behavior. Cast aside, her romantic illusions broken, Marianne must teach her heart to love more wisely. Despite their separate paths, Willoughby's and Marianne's stories are intertwined, and fate brings them together, with unexpected consequences, at critical moments in their lives.


Faithful to the events in the original, Sadie Montgomery integrates new material into Austen's text and spins a tale of missteps and their consequences, partial truths and revelations, transgressions and redemption. Taking the plot well beyond the final pages of Sense and Sensibility, we follow Marianne and Willoughby into their separate marriages, through joys and sorrows, through battles at home and abroad, to discover that passion does not always fade and that reason alone cannot fulfill us. Available at online sources such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iUniverse.

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Ghost Song

(May 2012)

GHOST SONG tells the bittersweet story of Erik Devon--guitarist and lead vocalist of Dead Dogs Howl whose career and life reportedly end in a mysterious explosion and fire--and the talented and beautiful musician/singer Cara Friday who sings Devon's songs and keeps his ghost "alive." Can one love a ghost? How long can Cara be his voice without losing her own? An adaptation of the Phantom of the Opera to the contemporary scene of rock and metal, GHOST SONG is now available for ordering at Amazon and B&N and iUniverse.

Love's Apprentice

(July 2011)

For the romance reader in most of us! A romance writer circa 1800s who constrained by her times decides to woo a recalcitrant gentleman who has closed the door on romance. Sparks fly as misunderstandings lead to a strange contract--marriage that will suit the two of them. They don't expect love, but as they say...Love often comes when one isn't looking for it! Love's Apprentice is available at Amazon; BarnesandNoble; and iUniverse

The Phoenix of the Opera Series 

A series based on the Phantom of the Opera

Phantom Murder


Phantom Madness
 Fifth in the Phoenix of the Opera Series


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  Based on the story of the Phantom of the Opera, The Phoenix of the Opera is the first of four novels that recount what happened after the Phantom set Christine Daaé  free and disappeared deeper into the system of  tunnels under the destroyed Opera Populaire.   In the four-part series, each novel represents a new aspect of the Phantom story, leading the characters forward along a journey in which love and hate are continually changing. The novel that inaugurates the series finds the Phantom resolved to disappear. 

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Book I (March 6, 2007) 


 Book II  (July 2, 2007)



Book III  (October 2007)  


Book IV (March 2008)


Phantom Madness

Book VA Phoenix of the Opera Novel

(October 2009)

Phantom Murder

Book VI: A Phoenix of the Opera Novel


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