About the Instructor

Ms. Yvette Rugamas-Polanco

When asked the infamous question in elementary school regarding our future plans, "What do you want to be when you grow
up"? I had it narrowed down in 3rd grade to either become (1) teacher, (2) baker/chef (I love baking!), and (3) a police officer. Later on in high school I became a California Highway Police (CHP) explorer, which offered great experiences, such as meeting Tiger Woods during a golf tournament! I became aware that law enforcement was not my forte and my passion grew for teaching from role playing as a child, tutoring, and becoming a teacher assistant (TA).   

Goals & Ambitions
I was able to cross off a few items from my "bucket list" such as working in the Disney Store and Universal Studios (Disneyland was too far--still would like to gain some experience in Porto's delicious bakeries), earning my BA in Liberal Studies, my credential, and Master's degree (MA) in Language & Literacy from Cal State Northridge. I also had an opportunity to sky dive with my bridal party before my fiancé and I wed, on route to owning my 1st house, had my Disney dream wedding, and a wonderful 3 year old son whom I LOVE and treasure!!! I would love to have my pair (boy and girl), continue helping my son have a firm financial start by helping him through college and have a down payment for his car + house (as I have been blessed with parents help my brother and I to be debt free). 

Music & Sports
I particularly enjoy listening to 80s, oldies, R&B, top 40, bachata, and reggae ton. I'd love to have the opportunity if possible to have a photo op with Romeo Santos, Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. I enjoy following the LA Dodgers and Anaheim Angeles, perhaps because I played softball too through high school. I also enjoy Copa America and the World Cup!!! My teams are Argentina and Brazil.

Subjects taught
  • 8th grade Algebra Readiness 
  • 7th grade Pre-Algebra 
  • 6th grade Common Core Math
  • 6th grade English Language Arts (ELA) 
  • 6th grade Social Studies <focusing on ancient civilizations to help bridge to 7th grade U.S government>
I love when students come eager to learn, are responsible to become informed by asking clarifying questions, and come to class prepared (on time, w/necessary materials, including hw)

Semester 1 Focus:                                                                    Semester 2 Focus:
  Ch. 1 "Investigating the Past"                                       1. Religion
  Ch. 2 "Early Hominids"                                                 2. Shang Dynasty
  Ch. 3 "From Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers"         3. Han Dynasty
  Ch. 4 "The Rise of Sumerian City-States"                    4. The Silk Road
  Ch. 5 "Was Ancient Sumer a Civilization"                     5. Life in Two City-States: Athens & Sparta   
  Ch. 6 "Exploring Four Empires of Mesopotamia"          6. The Golden Age of Athens
  Ch. 7  "Geography & Early Settlement of Egypt,           7. Daily Life in the Roman Empire
              Kush, and Canaan"  Egypt                                                                                                  Ch. 8 "The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs"                       8. Mythology      
  Ch. 9  "Daily Life in Ancient Egypt"

  <Winter Break Egypt Differentiated Project>                                                                                                         

Contact Info:
Email:  yvette.rugamas@lausd.com or message via Jupiter
Office Hours: TH 3-3:30 by confirmed appointment
Alternate Tutoring: TH 3-3:30  Alternate Conferences TH 3-3:30 
Room: 151