Toolbox Videos

Unit 1

Astro Cakes (Add & Subtract Decimals)
Get to the Point (Multiplication of Decimals)
4 Eyes for Hamsters (Dividing Whole Numbers)
Hoagie Hoedown - Part 1 (Dividing Whole Numbers & Decimals)
Hoagie Hoedown - Part 2 (Dividing Whole Numbers & Decimals)

Dividing Fractions
Heart Healthy Desserts (Part 1)
Heart Healthy Desserts (Part 2)
Heart Healthy Desserts (Part 3)

Euclid's on the Block - Part 1 (Prime Factors)
Euclid's on the Block - Part 2 (Prime Factors)

Unit 2

Equations & Expressions
The Operation Expedition (Order of Operations)
Algebra in Space (Algebraic Expressions)
Algebra with Aliens (Equivalent Expressions)
Mystery Line(Translating & Solving Equations)
The Case of the Missing Marbles (Solving Equations)
Destination: Planet Allotarpartese (Inequalities)

Unit 3


Ratios on the Roof

Unit Rates
The Rate of the Disappearing Rhinos

Thora's Turf
Battle of the Century