Michigan Student Research Quarterly

MSRQ is an attempt to recognize and publish excellent examples of high school student science research in the state of Michigan.

My name is Ryan Schoenborn. I am a chemistry teacher at Bloomingdale High School and a member of MSTA. It occurred to me that one of the important parts of being a scientist is submitting your research for publication and the peer reviewing that goes along with it. It also occurred to me that my students do not have anything that is equivalent. That is why I am starting a "journal" that would publish student research four times a school year. The articles would have to be written by high school students and include all of the sections normally seen in a research journal (abstract, introduction, methods, etc...). I am trying to get grant money to pay for the publication so that schools would not have to pay anything to get a copy. I believe that a publication like this would have several benefits:

1. Motivation. Student might be more motivated to write a quality lab report if they thought that it might get recognized by their peers.

2. Modeling Science. 
a. Student would have to write lab reports in journal format and express their ideas in the same way that scientists do. 

b. It would also be a resource that students could use for "literature searches." When I ask my students to research a topic before conducting their own investigation they are often confined to their textbook and wikipedia. After a school collects these publication for a few years they would be able to use them as resources for their students. They would be much like the research journals that scientists use to investigate what is already known in a given field, and they would be written at a level that was appropriate for high school students.

3.  Students would be responsible for peer reviewing articles that have been submitted for publication. This would increase their own understanding of the concepts involved in the article as well as teaching them something about the collaborative nature of science.

In order to make this idea a reality I need to know if other teachers would be interested in participating. I would need teachers to make their own students aware of this opportunity and to submit work from their exemplary students. I would also like to find teachers who would be willing to help in the peer review process. I think that this could be a great science/STEM club activity (having members review potential articles), or a classroom activity that is done periodically.