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Healthy Students are better able to Learn
*  The primary goal of school is education.

*  Education and health are linked.  Educational outcomes are related to health status, and health outcomes are related to education.

*  There are certain basic health needs of children and young people.  These include nurturing and support: timely and relevant health information, knowledge, and skills necessary to adopt healthful behavior; and access to health care.

*  The school has the potential to be a crucial part of the system to provide these basic health needs.

*  Data to support the link between education and health:

    Students with higher grades are less likely to engage in risk taking behaviors including early sexual activity, drinking, and smoking.

    Students who report using tobacco or marijuana report less academic motivation.

    School performance declines with early sexual activity.

    Across the life span, individuals with more education tend to be healthier.

Health education is critical to students' academic success, impacting graduation and dropout rates, grades, test scores, grade retention, absenteeism, tardiness, and behavior problems.

HEALTH EDUCATION makes a difference in students' lives!

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posted Nov 28, 2011, 10:34 AM by Marni Rosenbaum

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