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Educational Philosophy

If you really want to know... it's a little on the wordy side:

At the most fundamental level, the purpose of public schooling in the United States is to develop an informed population able to participate in its governance and able to benefit individuals and society politically, socially, and economically. Literacy is the key to an informed population; it is the ability to understand and to use language to gain knowledge, to identify issues, to reflect, and to act on knowledge. Literacy requires the ability to read and listen independently and critically, to communicate, orally and in writing, coherently, effectively, and persuasively. My purpose as an educator is to cultivate literacy in my students through interactive engagement, using essential and quality works, in a democratic educational environment.  In my classroom, students work with materials that foster self-knowledge in activities that empower students to think about and act on knowledge; they consider a variety of perspectives and issues made relevant to them so they may exercise and apply their developing literacy skills. Together with my students we create a classroom community based on democratic principles and on personal and social responsibility.  We each work to ensure that all students have access to and participate in learning.  As a model of the character I want my students to develop, I am fair, consistent, trustworthy, and respectful with high expectations for student learning and behavior. Reflection, dedication, and continuous study are central to my approach to teaching and are necessary practices that enable me to reach my original goal: to cultivate literacy in my students so they may become informed participants in our diverse democratic society.

Whew. If you made it to the end and understood what you read, you must be literate!

Grading Policy

In the spirit of my educational philosophy, responsibility for grading is shared with students in my courses. A document outlining the grading system is attached below and on course document pages.  
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Aug 12, 2015, 5:15 PM