Homeroom: The Teacher's Desk

 Greetings and Welcome to All!

You've found your way to Ms. Reilly's home page, or Homeroom, as I like to say. Truly, the homeroom is the place where it all begins. Think back to when you first arrived at your grammar school, and remember that first classroom. Your instructor took roll, ran through the activities..... Whatever you remember, that room was where your friends and the action were to be found. While I'd like to like that my site could be as exciting as all that, I won't try to get ahead of myself.

Please peruse my site and learn a little about myself, my interests and hobbies, my passion for what I do, and perhaps- a little something about what you might be interested in.

I would like everyone to take a look at these links. From educators to students, the sites listed here are invaluable resources.

Resources for Educators

Student Interests

Information for Parents and Guardians

All About Me and My Teaching Philosophy

email me at: kat.reilly@gmail.com