In 2008 Haruki Nakamuri produced this stunning piece of papercraft for the World Contest. Now he has made the patterns and manuals for construction available for download. The price is $40 usd and purchase can be made through PayPal. Once your payment has been received you will be provided with a download link for the documents.

The English manual has been converted from the Japanese and I am still attempting to improve it, but it is understandable and the pictures speak far more than the words anyway.

This is a challenging piece to assemble so if you are unsure if you could make this, try the free trial pattern below first.

Unfortunately the delivery process has a manual step, once your payment has been received the the plans will be emailed to you as soon as possible.


The smallest gear from the gear globe is available as a free download. If you can make this piece then you should be able to make the rest of the gear heart.

Trial Pattern

Trial Manual

Once assembled you too can have your own paper gear heart like this one.

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