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Current Event Tips and Source Suggestions

With the invention of the smart phone and tablets, getting sources for Science-related current events is much easier! I have created a list of suggested apps that organize the types of news you want to read or listen to, as well as podcasts and news sites that I suggest subscribing to. The programs that can subscribe to these news sites are called RSS readers. When you subscribe to a website's "feed", all the news articles from that site get downloaded to your RSS reader. This way you can subscribe to a lot of different sites, and get all the news you want in one easy place (your app!). Click here for the Current Event format for Ms. Quinn's Classes. 

RSS Reader Apps: (With a smart phone, go to the App Store or the Google Play store!)
Feedly (Apple or Android) (at a look at Recent News and Science News)
Feedex Reader (Android)
gReader (Android)
Feeddler (Apple)
(Or Search for an "RSS Reader" and look for one with high ratings!)

Podcast Apps:
AntennaPod (Podcasts, NPR radio podcasts)
For Apple, open iTunes and follow these steps to find Podcasts.

Suggested News Sources
NPR Podcasts (includes the TED radio hour and Science Friday).
Washington Post
The Guardian
Popular Science
LA Times
Minute Physics
The Verge
National Geographic Science
Point of Inquiry (Podcast)
Radiolab (Podcast)
Stuff you should know (Podcast)
This American Life (Podcast)

Facebook! (Yes. Facebook. Find a science page to "Like" and they post some pretty good stuff! One of my favorites are "Evolution" and "I F***ing Love Science"