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About Ms. Quinn

Hello! My name is Kelsey Quinn and I teach at Scappoose High School. 

I am originally from Keno, Oregon which is west of Klamath Falls. I went to Oregon State University in Corvallis and received a B.S. in Biology. During my undergrad, I worked in a microbiology/genetics laboratory working with bacteria. 
After I graduated, I went on to get a Master of Science degree in Science Education, also from OSU. I really love the biological sciences, but recently I've started learning more and more about the physical sciences and find them very interesting. I love reading about new science discoveries on the internet! In Summer 2011 I was able to see the last launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which has turned my interest toward the universe as well. 

My favorite foods are pizza (of course!), caprese salad, breakfast burritos, Reese's Pieces, and Peanut Butter Cups. My favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory. 

I have a dog named Tesla. She is named after the scientist and electrical engineer Nicola Tesla. She is a black lab and boarder collie mix. She loves playing in water, chasing ducks, playing fetch with tennis balls, and chasing the laser pointer through the living room. 

I also like to travel. I have been to 7 countries other than the United States. Of those, I spent the most time in Ecuador studying Spanish. The Andes mountains are the most beautiful sites I've ever been privileged to witness. 

When not teaching, I am often riding my bicycle, disc golfing, hiking with my dog and my partner Ryan, or perusing the internets for new science knowledge, science jokes, or cool science pictures. tongueout