Env. Sci

2 Practice sheets on Stoichiometry--DUE Tue. 4/26/16

Review Packet (12 pgs.)-- DUE in class Tue. 4/26/16


STUDY for QUIZ on Marine Bio--Wed. 5/11 or Thu. 5/12

WWTP Lab Packet--DUE Fri. 5/13/16



Project/ Presentation on Marine Endangered Species--DUE Mon. 5/2/16

Gasland documentary mini-essays--DUE Mon. 5/9/16



Biodiversity Index LAB -- DUE Thu. 4/27/16
Whale Adaptation LAB--DUE Fri. 4/28/16

 Env. Laws Chart--DUE Wed. 5/4/16



DDT Biomagnification sheet -- DUE Tue. 4/26/16  OR   Wed. 4/27/16 

STUDY for Test on Unit 5 (Energy) -- Thu. 4/14/16

Test Prep WORKBOOK*: Read and do MCQ's on pages 193-223--DUE Fri. 3/11/16

*(instead of Ch. 20-21 Study Guides)

Marine Food Webs sheet (classwork) -- DUE in class Mon. 4/25/16 

"Speed Dating" Research on ENERGY TYPES--DUE Thu. 4/7/16 


Speed Dating Research on ENERGY TYPES--DUE Thu. 3/10/16 

Ch. 7 Packet finish pages 5-6 (all) AND pages 7-8 (EVEN's)--DUE Tue. 3/8/16 

STUDY for TEST on Unit 1 (Physical & Chemical Oceanography)-- Thu. 3/10/16 

Cowspiracy Packet: 5 Post-Viewing Questions--DUE Thu. 3/10/16 

Energy Math sheet AND Cookie Mining Lab-DUE Tue. 3/8/16

Ch. 7 Packet finish pages 5+6--DUE Fri. 3/4/16 


Study Guides for Ch. 12+19--DUE Tue. 3/8/16

Ch. 7 Packet finish pages 3+4--DUE Thu. 3/3/16

Vocab words x14 on p. 149--DUE Thu. 3/3/16

Cookie Mining Lab--DUE Thu. 3/3/16 

Energy Audit (personal use)--DUE Tue. 3/8/16

Build a Molecule online lab--DUE Tue. 3/1/16

Currents & Climate Lab--DUE Tue. 3/1/16  OR   Wed. 3/2/16


Bring in a container (or a pic of one) showing chemical ingredients--DUE Fri. 2/26/16

ISRP final paper--DUE Fri. 2/26/16;

Revised Ch. 23 Study Guide--DUE Tue. 3/1/16

Ch. 7 Packet p. 3 (complete the 1st, 3rd, and 4th rows)--DUE Thu. 2/25/16 

STUDY for QUIZ on Mon. 2/29/16

ISRP Science Fair Presentations--DUE Wed. 2/24 and Thu. 2/25/16

Ch. 23 Study Guide AND create data tables for W.Q. Lab--DUE Thu. 2/25/16 

VOCAB Ch. 7--DUE Tue. 2/23/16

Ocean Currents LAB--DUE Tue. 2/23/16 

Mining Packet--DUE Tue. 2/23/16 

Video Notes sheets for 'A Civil Action' and 'Gasland'--DUE Tue. 2/23/16 

Study for TEST on Ch. 6(Bonding)-- Fri. 2/12/16 

BINDER w/ 4-5 Tab Dividers-- DUE Fri. 2/12/16 

Study for TEST on unit 3 (Population)-- Fri. 2/12/16 

 Study for QUIZ on Agriculture-- Fri. 2/12/16 

Ch. 6 PACKET p.2-- DUE Thu. 2/11/16 

Currents Map activity + reflection Q's-- DUE Thu. 2/11/16

  Pop. Online Activity (parts 1-2) and Pop. Profile mini-lab (Age Structure Diagram +4 Analysis Q's)-- DUE Thu. 2/11/16

 Tragedy of Commons simulation-- DUE Tue. 2/9/16


Phet online lab (Molecule Shapes)-- DUE Fri. 2/12/16 

Ocean Geology labeled diagram)-- DUE Mon. 2/8/16

 Rule of 70 practice sheet-- DUE Wed. 2/10/16

Flint Water Crisis research-- DUE Tue. 2/9/16 


Latitudes (in degrees) for 7 important locations)-- DUE Fri. 2/5/16

 Pop. Profile mini-lab DATA (individual only)--DUE Mon. 2/8/16  

Ch. 10 Study Guide REVISIONS-- DUE Tue. 2/9/16 


Syllabus signed-- DUE Fri. 2/5/16  








REFERENCE SHEET for Midterm Exam-- DUE Fri.  1/22/16

REFERENCE SHEET for Final Exam--
DUE Wed. 1/20/16  OR   Thu. 1/21/16

REFERENCE SHEET for Midterm Exam-- DUE Wed.  1/20/16


Ag. Video Summary (on Google CR)-- DUE Tue. 1/19/16

 Practice Midterm-- DUE Tue. 1/19/16

Create and ANSWER at least 10 Review Questions on Astro. topics (including at least 4 Q+A's on unit 4: Sun-Earth-Moon) 
DUE Wed. 1/13/16  OR   Thu. 1/14/16

 Midterm Review Packet-- DUE Tue. 1/19/16

 Create/ answer an FRQ on the Oregon Ranching Case Study // Biome Book Project // Soil Letters to Teachers-- DUE Fri. 1/15/16

 Ch. 5 packet page 7 + draw 4 Lewis Structures-- DUE Fri. 1/15/16

 Survival on the Moon packet-- DUE Mon. 1/11/16

 Biome Project (FINAL Draft) & Presentations-- DUE Mon. 1/11/16

Presentations on Post-Discussion Oregon Case Study (Topics/ Questions)-- DUE Tue. 1/12/16

 Ch. 5 packet pages 5-6-- DUE Thu. 1/14/15

 Moon Phases Lab-- DUE Fri. 1/8/16

 Biome Project (ROUGH Draft) & Presentations-- DUE Wed. 1/6/16

Peer Evaluation Chart from Oregon Case Study Discussion-- DUE Fri. 1/8/16

 Ch. 5 packet pages 3-4-- DUE Thu. 1/7/15

 Vocab: Unit 4 (Sun-Earth-Moon)-- DUE Wed. 1/6/16


Socratic Discussion on Oregon Ranching Case Study (Quiz Grade)-- DUE Thu. 1/7/16

Summary of Article on 4 New Elements (LAB GRADE)-- DUE Tue. 1/5/16



Take-home Quiz FRQ section for Unit 3 (Population)-- DUE Tue. 1/5/16




Quiz (Multiple Choice section) on Unit 3 (Population)-- Wed. 12/23/16

Flame Test Lab 3 Analysis Questions & VOCAB Ch. 4---DUE Fri. 12/18/15 


Biome Book Project & Ch. 8 Study Guide & Ozone FRQ Rewrite--DUE Wed. 12/23/15

Study for TEST on Ch. 4 (electron configuration)--DUE Fri. 12/11/15   


Wolves Lab (on Google Classroom)--DUE Thu. 12/17/15  

Population Online Activity (on Google CR)--DUE Wed. 12/16/15 

Make up 10 Review QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS on Ch. 4 (electron configuration)--DUE Fri. 12/11/15  

 Study for TEST on Unit 3 (Solar System) on Fri. 12/18/15  

Make up 4 Review Questions WITH ANSWERS on Species Interactions--DUE Wed. 12/16/15

(see Google CR) 

Pre-Lab Questions #1-3 for Flame Test Lab--DUE Tue. 12/8/15 

Kepler's Laws Lab PACKET---DUE Fri. 12/18/15  

Wolves Video & Explanation of "Trophic Cascade" (on Google Classroom)--DUE Mon. 12/14/15 


(see Google CR) 

List all Safety Issues from the Flame Test Lab--DUE Mon. 12/7/15 

Astrobiology VIDEO summary (2 paragraphs)--DUE Fri. 12/18/15 

Vocabulary Unit 1 (Ecology)-- DUE Wed. 12/9/15

Ch.5+11 Study Guides-- DUE Wed. 12/9/15;  Study for Test on Unit 2 (Living World) on Fri. 12/11/15; Continue working on Biomes Book Project 

Packet on Ch. 4 pages 4-5 finish #1-10-- NOW DUE Fri. 12/4/15 

Textbook: Read Section 8.2 (pages 209-215).  Answer "Questions for Review"  #8-14 on p. 222 using COMPLETE sentences-- DUE Mon. 12/7/15

Study for TEST on Unit 1 (Earth Systems) on Thu. 12/3/15   

Energy Flow Bozeman video/ Concept Map--DUE Fri. 12/4/15

Packet on Ch. 4 pages 2-3 finish #1-13-- DUE Tue. 12/1/15

Planet Poster Project-- DUE Thu. 12/3/15 

Review Packet for Unit 1-- DUE Thu. 12/3/15 

Wolves mini-lab & Science Fair 5 sources (citations)--DUE Tue. 12/1/15

VOCAB for Ch. 4--DUE Tue. 11/24/15   


Study for TEST on Ch. 3 (Atomic Structure)  Fri. 11/20/15 

Vocab/ first 12 Key Terms on p. 223 (definitions only)-- DUE Fri. 11/20/15 

Soil Analysis Business Letter-- DUE on Google Classroom by Wed. 11/25/15 

Experimental Design quiz sheet & 1 imaginary experiment w/ 5 parts (on Google Classroom)-- DUE Fri. 11/20/15 

Complete pages #7=8 in the Ch. 3 packet--DUE Thu. 11/19/15 

Study for TEST on Unit 2b (Galaxies)  Thu. 11/19/15

2nd Draft of Weather Essay, typed and emailed---DUE Thu. 11/19/15 by 5pm 

Evolution online game sheet--DUE Thu. 11/19/15 

Questions #1-2 on p. 7 of the Chapter 3 packet--DUE Tue. 11/17/15

Textbook p. 477 Questions For Review #1-16--DUE Tue. 11/17/15 

Rough Draft of Weather Essay-- DUE Tue. 11/17/15

 Study for QUIZ on Ch. 3 (Ecology) Wed. 11/18/15

Post-Lab sheet for "Build an Atom"--DUE Fri. 11/13/15 

Vocab (Galaxies) sheet & HDF online lab activity--DUE Mon. 11/16/15 

 Brainstorm at least 3 relevant, appropriate questions for the pilot Skype session--DUE Mon. 11/16/15

***Continuously work for ~1hr/night on textbook Study Guides for Units 2-3 (chapters 3,4,5, 8, 11)

Ch. 3 Packet, PAGES 5-6 --DUE Thu. 11/12/13

Stars Video Notes & ESSAY--DUE Mon. 11/9/15 

SURVEY on Science Fair/ Research Paper topics-- DUE Thu. 11/12/13

FRQ #7 -- now DUE Thu. 11/12/13   

Study for Atomic Structure QUIZ on Tue. 11/10/15 

Textbook “Questions for Review” on….*page 357: #6, 7, 9, 14, 16, 18
and  *page 387: #1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 11--DUE Thu. 11/5/15

Cloud Lab activity sheet-- DUE Tue. 11/10/15  

Study for Unit 1 (Earth Systems) TEST on Tue. 11/10/15

Build An Atom online activity--DUE Fri. 11/6/15  

HR Diagram sheet--DUE Wed. 11/4/15 

FINAL DRAFT of Soil Lab Report--DUE by 5pm Fri. 11/6/15 

FINAL DRAFT of Soil Lab Report-- DUE on Google Classroom by Tue. 11/3/15 

 VOCAB Ch.3 (Atomic Structure)--DUE Fri. 10/30/15

Star Life Cycle activity sheet--DUE Mon. 11/2/15 


Carbon Sequestration PRE-LAB Questions--DUE Fri. 10/30/15 

Study for TEST on Ch. 2 (Measurement) on Thu. 10/29/15 

Spectroscope Lab packet;  math problem (converting light speed from m/s to miles/hr)--DUE Thu. 10/29/15 

 ROUGH DRAFT of Soil Lab Report--DUE by 5pm on Thu. 10/29/15

ROUGH DRAFT of Soil Lab Report ..... AND.... Create AND answer 5 MCQ’s about key points in Ch. 17- Atmosphere:  DUE on Google Classroom 10/28/15. 

Finish the Conversions practice sheet---DUE Mon. 10/26/15

Textbook: READ section 4.5 then answer "Thought Questions" #1-10 on p.114--DUE Tue. 10/27/15  OR  Wed. 10/28/15

Textbook: Read/ Skim Ch. 17 (Atmosphere).  Then answer "Testing Your Comprehension" questions #1-10 (using COMPLETE sentences) on p.479-480--DUE Tue. 10/27/15

Textbook:  READ and OUTLINE (or make a CONCEPT MAP) for Chapter 17 (Atmosphere)--DUE Tue. 10/27/15

Textbook: Chapter 2  Review Questions #24-34 ODD #'s ONLY--DUE Fri. 10/23/15 

Field Trip LAB sheet + 1-2 Paragraph SUMMARY OF what your learned at the Museum of Science--- DUE Mon. 10/26/15
ALTERNATIVE Field Trip 2-page Research Paper -- DUE Mon. 11/2/15

Finish FUEL video notes, including #35 (essay)-- DUE Wed. 10/21/15

 FRQ # 6 (counted as QUIZ GRADE)--DUE Wed. 10/21/15

Metric WebQuest (link # 115)-- DUE Tue. 10/20/15   AND   

Study for Measurement QUIZ on Thu. 10/22/15 

EM Spectrum Poster FINAL DRAFT--DUE Fri. 10/23/15 

Water Quality Online Lab (link # 53)-- DUE Tue. 10/20/15

Flat Lorax 2 pics with captions-- DUE ON INSTAGRAM by Fri. 10/16/15  

Density Problems (part 2) sheet-- DUE Thu. 10/15/15 

Summarize Galaxies & Stars articles (1 paragraph each) and write 2 questions w/ answers about each topic-- DUE Thu. 10/15/15  OR  Mon. 10/19/15

Research the HEALTHY range of values (NUMBERS & UNITS) for each of these soil tests:  N, P, K. pH, texture-- NOW DUE Thu. 10/15/15


Read & Summarize "Soil Interpretation Guide"-- DUE BY EMAIL on Thu. 10/15/16 


Write 1 paragraph IN YOUR OWN WORDS about the Density Column experiment--DUE Tue. 10/13/15 

Unit 2 PREVIEW assignment  --DUE Fri. 10/16/15  




STUDY for Unit 1 TEST-- Thu. 10/8/15 






Ch. 9 Study Guide--DUE Tue. 10/13/15 

Revise page 2 of the METRIC MANIA worksheet--DUE Tue. 10/6/15 

Review Packet (Unit 1)--DUE Tue. 10/6/15 

Cemetery Lab packet--DUE Tue. 10/6/15 

Cemetery Lab packet--DUE Tue. 10/6/15  


Study for VOCAB Quiz--week of 10/5/15 

Study for TEST on Ch. 1--Fri. 10/2/15


Vocab-Unit 1 (Define AND give an example or diagram for all 25 terms)--DUE Thu. 10/1/15  

Ch. 3 Study Guide--DUE Thu. 10/1/15  

Chapter 1 Review Packet-- NOW DUE Thu. 10/1/15

EM spectrum POSTER rough draft--DUE Fri. 10/2/15 

Cemetery Lab assignment:
1st--Research/ learn about/ revise 3 PreLab graphs
2nd--Calculations of Age @ Death (p.3)
3rd--Tally Data (on p. 4)--DUE 9/29/15
Textbook: Read/ take notes on the "Population Ecology" section pp.61-69--DUE 9/29/15
STUDY for pop Quiz later this week--

Create/ answer 3-4 Quiz Questions on EM radiation-- DUE by email to Ms. Q 9/28/15  

 Textbook:  p. 45  (end of Ch. 2).  Choose 4 questions to answer from the "Seeking Solutions" section--DUE Mon. 9/28/15 

Lab packet on Physical and Chemical Changes-- DUE Mon. 9/28/15 
Choose an ECLIPSE article, read and summarize it in your own words--DUE Mon. 9/28/15

Start working on the Experimental Design Template--DUE Fri. 9/25/15 

Physical vs. Chemical Changes sheet-- DUE Tue. 9/22/15 

 Study for Quiz PART 2 on Cosmology Presentations-- Thu. 9/24/15 

Rock Cycle Summary (Story OR Comic Strip)-- DUE Wed. 9/23/15 

Water Quality online lab (link #53) --DUE Thu. 9/24/15 
FRQ #4 --DUE Tue. 9/26/15

Density Problems sheet--DUE Mon. 9/21/15

 Study for Quiz PART 1 on Cosmology Presentations-- Mon. 9/21/15

Earth Viewer App. (do NOT use Internet Explorer)-- DUE Mon. 9/21/15 

Earth Viewer online activity // Ch. 2 Study Guide // FRQ #3-- DUE Tue. 9/22/15 

Textbook Tour sheet-- DUE Thu. 9/17/15 

Project on Cosmology and Presentation (3-5 min.) -- DUE Fri. 9/18/15 

Geologic Timeline-- DUE Wed. 9/16/15 

DRAFT of Geologic Timeline & Eco Footprint packet NOW DUE Wed. 9/16/15 

Study for QUIZ on Lab Safety-- Tue. 9/15/15 

Project on Cosmology topics (5-10 slides) Rough Draft-- DUE Tue. 9/15/15 (Green class) OR Wed. 9/16/15 (Blue class

Research this question:
**** Why did the Cambrian explosion happen? --DUE Tue. 9/15/15

Plate Tectonics MAP (final draft; 1 per group) and Packet (1 per student)-- DUE Tue. 9/15/15
Plate Tectonics LAB DEMO's packet-- DUE Wed. 9/16/15
Metric System Practice sheet (all 6 problems)-- DUE Mon. 9/14/15) 

 Flat Lorax, colored, with your name-- DUE Mon. 9/14/15
Define these 3 metric prefixes:
DUE Fri. 9/11/15 
Textbook p. 481 (Ch. 18) Explain the 5 "Concepts and Skills for Review" in a way that makes sense to you-- DUE Mon. 9/14/15 
Essay on YOUR Env. Philosophy (What you believe, why, and supporting examples)-- DUE Mon. 9/14/15
Eco. Footprint packet--DUE Mon. 9/14/15
TAKE SURVEY on MsQuigley.org home page (blue link)-- DUE Thu. 9/10/15
FRQ #2 (parts c,d,e)-- DUE Fri. 9/11/15 

Do Now 5 ?'s on Scientific Method/ Metric System-- DUE Thu. 9/10/15 

T-Chart notes on Lorax/ Truax and Before/ After Env. Philosophy-- DUE Wed. 9/9/15

Ecological Footprint packet--
NOW DUE Fri. 9/11/15 
Define 8 vocab words from Penny/ Milk Labs in a way that MAKES SENSE to YOU--DUE Tue.9/8/15 
Safety Contract signed-- DUE Fri. 9/11/15
Take Ms. Q's STUDENT SURVEY and Link #67 Pre-test-- DUE Tue. 9/8/15

Optional Extra Credit:  Record observations of bird(s) in/ around Somerville for 5-10 minutes-- DUE Tue. 9/8/15

The Truax online book notes sheet-- DUE Tue. 9/8/15
Finish "Do Now" questions on Sci. Method (if applicable)-- DUE Tue. 9/8/15

Optional Extra Credit:  Record detailed observations (Qual. AND Quant. data) of bird(s) in/ around Somerville for 10+ minutes-- Ongoing (no hard DUE DATE as of 9/12/15)

Penny Lab Data from 3 Trials AVERAGE--DUE Fri. 9/4/15

Signed Syllabus--DUE Fri. 9/11/15

Magazine Article Summary--DUE Tue. 9/8/15 
Signed Syllabus--DUE Fri. 9/11/15 

Signed Syllabus--DUE Fri. 9/11/15 

The Lorax video notes sheet--DUE Fri. 9/4/15 

Signed Syllabus--DUE Fri. 9/11/15 

------------------------------ -----------------------------------  ----------------------------------  -------------- 

TEST on Ch. 10-11 (Gases)-- Fri. 6/19/15 

TEST on Unit 4 (Marine Resources/ Human Impacts)-- Fri. 6/19/15  

Rough Draft of Perfect Storm reflection paper-- DUE Fri. 6/19/15 



Ch.10-11 Review Sheet/ Practice Test--DUE Thu. 6/18/15

Ocean Acidification Lab--DUE Fri. 6/19/15 

"Perfect Storm" Reading Log #3 (Ch. 5  pp.97-106 OR pp.123-134)--DUE Thu. 6/18/15 


Practice Problem #2 from Ideal Gas Law Notes--DUE Wed. 6/17/15 

Notes Chart (Problem/ Eco-Impact/ Solution) on 4 Ocean Articles, linked in email)--DUE Fri. 6/19/15

"Perfect Storm" Reading Log #2 (Ch. 4  pp.72-73 and 89-84 OR pp.90-92 and 112-119)--DUE Wed. 6/17/15


Finish Gas Laws LAB--DUE Mon. 6/15/15 

Read the 2+ articles that were emailed (World Oceans Day and Barbuda's Conservation Success Story) --DUE Mon. 6/15/15 

"Perfect Storm" Reading Log #1 (Ch. 3 "God's Country")--DUE Mon. 6/15/15  OR Tue. 6/16/15


Combined Gas Law Problems sheet--DUE Fri. 6/12/15 

Right Whale WebQuest slideshow presentation--DUE Fri. 6/12/15 

"The Perfect Storm" skim Forward and Chpt.1-2, READ/ TAKE NOTES on Chpt. 3--DUE Fri. 6/12/15 


Gases Exploration ONLINE Lab (see Link #110)--DUE Mon. 6/1/15 

Right Whale WebQuest 1-2 page PROPOSAL PAPER--DUE Mon. 6/8/15 

Weather WebQuest and Cloud Lab--DUE Fri. 6/12/15 


Finish Quiz Corrections for Ch. 9 (Stoichiometry)--DUE Thu. 5/28/15

 Define "Tragedy of the Commons" --DUE Thu. 5/28/15

Meteorological Research Project--DUE Thu. 5/28/15 OR Tue. 6/2/15


STUDY FOR QUIZ (Ch. 9 Stoich-iometry)--Fri. 5/22/15 


Legacy Essay OR Poster--DUE Wed. 5/20/15 


Reference Sheet (Stoichiometry) problem #2--DUE Thu. 5/21/15 


Ch. 9 Packet page 6.  Choose 3 Stoich problems to balance/ solve.  ALSO: Find the molar mass of C3H8  --DUE Thu. 5/14/15 


Ch. 9 Packet page 4, questions #1-2--DUE Wed. 5/13/15 

Study for TEST on Marine Biology Unit--Tue. 5/12/15

Study for TEST on Geology Unit--Wed. 5/13/15

Vocab (Ch. 10-11) choose any 10 words to define from the list
--DUE Mon. 5/11/15  

 Marine Biology REVIEW sheet--DUE Mon. 5/11/15 

Earthquake Epicenter Lab--DUE Thu. 5/7/15


Test (Ch. 8, Chemical Reactions)--Fri. 5/8/15 

Squid Dissection Lab--DUE Mon. 5/11/15 

Rock Cycle Story OR Comic Strip--
DUE Wed. 5/6/15 
Practice Test (Ch. 8)--
DUE Thu. 5/7/15 


Rock Classification Chart--DUE Wed. 5/6/1


QUIZ Corrections (Ch. 8)--DUE Fri. 5/1/15 

Marine Ecosystem PROJECT--DUE Fri. 5/1/15 

1-paragraph Reaction to Nepal Earthquake Article--DUE Fri. 5/1/15 


Shall We Dance sheet & Packet pp. 7-8 (ODD #'s)--DUE Wed. 4/29/15

Presentations--Wed. 4/29/15
Projects--DUE Fri. 5/1/15
Minerals Chart (Do Now) &
5 Characteristics of Minerals--DUE Wed. 4/29/15

Gummy Bear Sacrifice sheet-- DUE Wed. 4/15/15 

Page #3 of Marine Ecosystems Project Packet--
DUE Tue. 4/14/15

Vocab (Ch. 8-Chemical Reactions)--DUE Mon. 4/13/15


Vocab (Unit 6-Rocks & Minerals)--   DUE Mon. 4/13/15 


Test Corrections (Ch. 7-Chemical Formulas)--DUE Wed. 4/8/15

Marine Food Webs Review Sheet-- DUE Thu. 4/9/15 

 TEST on Unit 5 (Plate Tectonics)-- Thu.  4/9/15

Test on Chapter 7 (Chemical Formulas)
--Mon. 3/30/15 

Marine Invertebrates Packet--DUE Mon. 4/6/15 

 Links 104-105 Plate Tectonics Notes Sheet--DUE Fri. 4/3/15


Post Lab Questions (Determining Chemical Formulas LAB)-- DUE Wed. 3/25/15 

Tide Chart Packet Questions-- DUE Fri. 3/27/15

 Compare/ contrast these 2 mass extinctions:  Permian vs. dinosaurs--
DUE Wed. 3/25/15

 Gum Lab (Percent Composition)-- DUE Mon. 3/16/15

Ocean Currents/ Chemistry LAB REPORT-- Due Fri. 3/20/15 

Geologic Timeline online activity--
DUE Tue. 3/17/15 
Google Earth online lab--
DUE Tue. 3/17/15 

Plate Tectonics: Heat Engine article and Question-- DUE Wed. 3/18/15  

Calculate MOLAR MASS for:

Finish Reflection Question #1-13 for Currents Card Game 


4 Post-Lab (Do Now) Questions--DUE Mon. 2/23/15 

Science Fair Template (page #2) and 5 sources-- DUE Mon. 2/23/15  


Practice Quiz (Ch. 6)-- DUE Wed. 2/26/15 

 Ocean Currents Homework (assigned by email during vacation)-- DUE Mon. 2/23/15

Moon Phases Lab--now DUE Mon. 2/23/15



Currents LAB-- now DUE Tue. 2/24/15 

 Science Fair Procedure OR Research Paper Outline-- DUE Fri. 2/6/15


LAB on Molecular Models-- DUE Fri. 2/6/15 

4 Questions from Intro. Slideshow-- DUE Fri. 2/6/15 

Science Fair details-- DUE Thu. 2/5/15 

----------------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------  

Finish Midterm Review Packet by Fri. 1/16/15 

Carbon Travels follow-up story or comic strip (Lab Grade)--DUE Tue. 1/20/15 

 Mars Colonization Debate (Test Grade)-- in class on Fri. 1/16/15

Midterm Review Questions (Ch. 3-5)-- DUE Thu. 1/15/15 
Essay (5 paragraphs) from Practice Midterm-- DUE Thu. 1/15/15 or Fri. 1/16/15
Practice Midterm Test-- DUE Thu. 1/15/15 

Midterm Review Questions (Ch. 1-2)-- DUE Wed. 1/14/15 

Ecol. Pyramids packet-- DUE Tue. 1/13/15

Mars Colonization Debate Prep sheet-- DUE Fri. 1/9/15 


VOCAB - Ch. 5 DUE Mon. 12/22/14 

Vocab Unit 4 DUE Tue. 1/6/15..... AND..... last possible day to pass in Slideshow Project on Populations is Wed. 1/7/15 

"Do Now" activity on scale models of Celtics b-ball players--DUE Wed. 1/7/15 


Page #10 in the Ch. 4 Packet--DUE Wed. 12/17/14 

Population Project slideshow--DUE Wed. 12/17/14 or Thu. 12/18/14

Planet Poster Project--DUE Thu. 12/18/14 


Pre-Lab Questions for Flame Test Lab--DUE Wed. 12/10/14 

Ecological Niche Sheet AND Black Footed Ferret Questions--DUE Tue. 12/9/14 

Kepler's Laws LAB--DUE Tue. 12/16/14 

VOCAB for Ch. 4 (only 12 words)--DUE Mon. 12/8/14

VOCAB for Unit 3--DUE Mon. 12/8/14 

Packet "Observing the Solar System"--DUE Mon. 12/8/14 or Tue. 12/9/14


TEST on Unit 2 (Urban Ecology) Wed. 12/3/14 or Thu. 12/4/14 

Nebula Theory sheet (picture sequence and questions on the back)--
DUE Wed. 12/3/14

Practice Test (Unit 2)--DUE Tue. 12/2/14 

TEST on Unit 2 (Stars & Galaxies)Mon. 11/24/14 or Tue. 11/25/14


TEST CORRECTIONS for Chpt. 1-3 Test--DUE Fri. 11/21/14 

Bird ID & Observations--DUE Mon. 12/1/14 

Night Sky Journal (Star Observations)--DUE Mon. 12/1/14  

Vocab (Chapters 4 and 22)--
DUE Wed. 11/26/14 

 Top 5 Invasive Species article & Questions--DUE Tue. 11/25/14


Constellation Poster Project (FINAL DRAFT)--DUE Wed. 11/26/14


Study for TEST (Chpt. 1-3) on Mon. 11/17/14 

10 Most Important Insects in the World Article & Questions--DUE Wed. 11/19/14 

"Making a Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram" activity--DUE Thu. 11/20/14

Review Packet (Chpt. 1-3)--DUE Fri. 11/14/14 

Soil Analysis Lab Report (ROUGH DRAFT)--
DUE Mon. 11/17/14 

Proposal Google Form (either link #86 or #87) for Science Fair/ ISRP--
DUE Fri. 11/21/14 


Constellation Poster Project (ROUGH DRAFT)--DUE Fri. 11/14/14 

History of the Atom TIMELINE project--DUE Mon. 11/10/14
Invasive Species Videos sheet (see links #78-80)--
DUE Mon. 11/3/14 
QUIZ on Stellar Evolution/ HR Diagrams/ Unit 2 Vocab--Fri. 11/7/14 

Pre-Lab Questions #1-3 on the back side of "Physical & Chemical Changes" Lab--DUE Thu. 10/30/14

Wanted Poster (Invasive Species) FINAL DRAFT--DUE Thu. 10/30/14 or
Fri. 10/31/14
HR Diagram Online Activity (see link #81)--DUE Mon. 11/3/14 

Draw Atomic Structure Diagrams for any 5 Elements #1-20 on Periodic Table (except #13)--DUE Wed. 10/29/14

Invasive Species WebQuest--DUE Tue. 10/28/14 

 READ "Taking Apart the Light" article, HIGHLIGHT important info, and then complete the MATCHING section on last page--DUE Fri. 10/31/14 

"Build An Atom" online activity sheet--DUE Mon. 10/27/14 

Soil Formation Worksheet--DUE Wed. 10/22/14

 Rough Draft of Field Trip Reflection OR Research Essay--DUE 10/23/14

Density Lab (INCLUDING Analysis Questions and Data Form-Link #67)--DUE Mon. 10/20/14 

Soil Stories Video Notes --DUE Tue. 10/21/14

Read "20 things you didn't know about galaxies" and write at least 4 questions about what you read--DUE Mon. 10/20/14 


Density sheet--DUE Thu. 10/16/14 

Tree ID Book Project (TEST GRADE)--
DUE Fri. 10/17/14
Light Lab packet--DUE Fri. 10/17/14


Rough Draft of Tree ID Book project WITH 6 LEAVES--due Tue. 10/14/14 

Vocab Unit 2 (Stars & Galaxies)--DUE Tue. 10/14/14 


 Finish Practice Test and STUDY for TEST tomorrow--DUE Fri. 10/3/14

 Finish Practice Test (required pages: 1, 3, 8-14)--DUE Wed. 10/1/14

Equinox Lab packet--DUE Thu. 10/2/14 


Oobleck Lab AND Safety Summaries x3 on the Lab Safety Notes packet--DUE Wed. 10/1/14

 Study for Unit 1 Test!

Use "SOHCAHTOA" to solve for the unknown angle in the Equinox lab--DUE Wed. 10/1/14 
tan (angle) =
Opposite (the shortest shadow's length)
Adjacent (the straw's height)
on calculator, type:
[inverse or shift or 2nd or etc.] TAN (opp. / adj.) =
the answer will be the angle's measure in degrees (a # between 0 and 90)

Write & ANSWER 20 review questions on unit 1 topics: Safety, States of Matter; Mixtures vs. Pure Substances; Chemical vs. Physical properties; Lab examples; Elements; Atomic particles; etc.-- DUE Mon. 9/29/14


Write & ANSWER 15-20 review questions on unit 1 topics: Ecology/ Ecologists; Earth Systems; Climate vs. Weather; Phenology; Tree ID-- DUE Fri. 9/26/14

Review Packet (unit 1)--
DUE Wed. 9/24/14
Tree ID Vocab. Glossary--
DUE Mon. 9/22/14
Big Bang Article Questions--
DUE Mon. 9/22/14 


"Why Leaves Change Color" read article & write summary or do worksheet--
DUE Wed. 9/17/14
Cosmology / Big Bang Slideshow Project--
DUE Thu. 9/18/14 
Element Project--DUE Wed. 9/17/14

Biome Project Presentations--DUE Mon. 9/15/14 


 Measurement Reference Sheet--DUE Mon. 9/22/14


Vocab (first 18 words)--DUE Fri. 9/12/14 

Penny Lab Report--DUE Fri. 9/21/14

  1. Question: [Given to you, this time]  How many L of a liquid (water, dish soap, etc.) fit on a penny? 
  2. Hypothesis:  e.g.  It may be the same or different from your team members;  it SHOULD ANSWER the research ?
  4. Analyze:  Make sense of your results; explain what the data mean.  (e.g.  use Scientific Notation, charts, graphs, written sentences, etc.)
  5. Conclude:  Tell whether your hypoth. was TRUE or FALSE.  Communicate:  write lab report, make poster, Blog, presentation, etc. 

Milk Lab--DUE Wed. 9/10/14 

Biome Project (power point or poster)--DUE Mon. 9/15/14 

Scientific Notation Sheet--DUE Wed. 9/10/14 


 Student Survey (MsQuigley.org)--DUE Fri. 9/5/14

Student Survey (MsQuigley.org)--DUE Fri. 9/5/14
Student Survey (MsQuigley.org)--DUE Fri. 9/5/14

 Syllabus signed--DUE Fri. 9/12/14 

Syllabus signed
--DUE Fri. 9/12/14 
Syllabus signed
--DUE Fri. 9/12/14 















Research:  What percentage (or fraction) of the EM Spectrum is Visible Light?--DUE Wed. 4/30/14


Cloze (fill-in-the-blank) Vocabulary--DUE Tue. 4/15/14 


EM Card Game Reflection Questions--DUE Mon. 4/14/14 


Transverse vs. Longitudinal Waves sheet--DUE Fri. 4/11/14 


STUDY for Unit 6 (Heat & Heat Transfer) TEST--on Fri. 4/4

DUE Wed. 4/2--Specific Heat Problems sheet
DUE Tue. 3/25--Practice Problems sheet for Unit 6 Heat

DUE Mon. 3/17--Energy Cycle Story and Data Sheet. 


DUE Tue. 12/17--Momentum sheet (problems #1,2,4,6,8,10) 


DUE Thu. 12/11--Study for Unit 3 Test!

DUE Mon. 12/9--Video Analysis sheet
DUE Fri. 12/6--"Do Now" notes from yesterday (12/5) about gravity on Mt. Everest vs. at sea level
DUE Fri. 12/6--Friction Lab
DUE Thu. 12/5--Friction Sheet (both sides)
STUDY for Forces QUIZ on Fri. 11/22/13
DUE Tue. 11/19--Net Force Sheet (4 boxes on back)
DUE Fri. 11/15--Vocab Sheet on Unit 3 (Newton's Laws) .... all 14 words 
 Thu. 10/10 -- (BOTH CLASSES)  Create and solve your own word problem about speed and / or velocity.      
  Tue. 10/8 -- Complete #5-21 from the Beats Per Min. --> Meters Per Min. activity.....****COUNTS AS TEST GRADE****      
  Mon. 9/16 -- Complete the last 3 Scalar Quantities from the class sheet.      
  Mon. 9/16 -- Complete the "Challenge Problem" from Friday's class.  (Click on the "Physics" tab of this website to see picture)