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Homework ('13-'14)


Earth Science


Legacy Project (6-paragraph ESSAY, POSTER, and PRESENTATION)--DUE Wed. 6/18/14 

Reference Sheet for Finals (page #1)--DUE Wed. 6/18/14  

Extra Credit: Brainstorm / research a list of as many possible things people can do to address Climate Change (SOLUTIONS to the problem)--DUE Tue. 6/10/14

Lemon Lab--DUE Mon. 6/16/14

Water-Quality Testing:  Read 3-page article; answer 4 questions (A through D)--DUE Thu. 6/5/14 


Research and describe the recent Current Event involving Barack Obama and Climate Change--DUE Wed. 6/4/14 


Read 2-page article called "Science Standards Divide a State Built on Coal and Oil."  Be ready to discuss--DUE Wed. 6/4/14 


"Inconvenient Truth" video sheet--DUE Mon. 6/2/14 

Electricity Unit Review Packet--DUE Tue./Wed. 6/3-6/4/14 

WebQuest on Weather / Climate (2nd Draft)--DUE Mon. 5/19/14  

Define the remaining 7 VOCAB words from the list (Electricity Unit)--DUE Thu. 5/22/14

Cloud Lab--DUE Mon. 5/19/14 

Choose 7 VOCAB words from the list (Electricity Unit)--DUE Thu. 5/15/14

WebQuest on Weather / Climate (1st Draft NOTES on 3 locations)--DUE Mon. 5/12/14 


Air Pressure Sheet--DUE Thu. 5/8/14 

Study for WAVES TEST--Fri. 5/9/14  

Study for VOCAB QUIZ this week--either Thu. 5/8 or Fri. 5/9/14 

5 Review Questions WITH ANSWERS about Waves--DUE Thu. 5/8/14 

"Atmosphere Exercises" packet--DUE Fri. 5/2/14

STUDY for Quiz on WAVES--Thu. 5/1/14 

Vocab. packet (28 words)--DUE Fri. 5/2/14 

Research:  What percentage (or fraction) of the EM Spectrum is Visible Light?--DUE Wed. 4/30/14

Weather Log (Data Chart)--DUE Mon. 4/28/14


PSA (Public Service Announcement) Project for Unit 8 (TEST GRADE)--DUE Thu. 4/17/14


Do Now from Mon. 4/14/14 (4 questions about Earthquakes / Epicenters)--DUE Mon. 4/14/14 

Cloze (fill-in-the-blank) Vocabulary--DUE Tue. 4/15/14 

Abstract for Epicenter Online Lab (250-500 words; see link #37)--DUE Mon. 4/14/14 

EM Card Game Reflection Questions--DUE Mon. 4/14/14 

Volcanoes Crossword--DUE Fri. 4/11/14 

Transverse vs. Longitudinal Waves sheet--DUE Fri. 4/11/14 

STUDY for Unit 7 (Rocks & Minerals) TEST--either Fri. 3/28 OR Mon. 3/31

STUDY for Unit 6 (Heat & Heat Transfer) TEST--on Fri. 4/4

DUE Wed. 4/2--Specific Heat Problems sheet
DUE Wed. 3/26--2nd Draft of Venn Diagram on Rocks & Minerals 
DUE Tue. 3/25--Practice Problems sheet for Unit 6 Heat

DUE Wed. 3/19--Venn Diagram on Rocks & Minerals 


DUE in class Wed. 3/12--NO LATER……
Sedimentary / Igneous / Metamorphic Rock Type Presentation

DUE Mon. 3/17--Energy Cycle Story and Data Sheet. 

DUE Wed. 3/12--Rock Cycle Story (paragraph OR comic strip) stapled to your data sheet from the class activity 

STUDY for Test on Unit 5 (Work, Power, Energy) -- Tue. 3/11 for Blue Class OR Wed. 3/12 for Yellow Class 

DUE Wed. 3/5--Review Questions & Answers assignment:
a)       Plate Tectonics’ connection to volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains

b)      Pangaea / Theory of Continental Drift (A.W.)

c)       Convection Currents / movement of Lithospheric plates

d)      Types of plate boundaries (div. / con. / tran.)

e)      Absolute vs. Relative dating of geologic time


DUE Mon. 3/10--Energy Lab (Marble Roller Coasters) 

DUE Tue. 3/5--Textbook Chpt. 4 Review pp. 78-79:  14 Multiple Choice ?'s (complete sentences) + 4 Critical Thinking ?'s


DUE Fri 3/7--Carbon-14 Radioactive Dating Game online lab  (available from Link #35) 

DUE Fri 2/28--Read, highlight, summarize the article, "Earth's Oldest Rock"  (also available at the link below)

DUE Mon. 2/24--"Do Now" questions from Fri. 2/14/14 (available from the Physics tab) 

DUE Fri 2/14--Pangaea Flip Book pages 6-9 (Analysis Questions and Graphs) 


DUE Thu 2/13--Green Geologic Timeline sheet (see links #32 and #33) 


DUE Fri. 1/31--Survival on the Moon packet (4 pgs.)   AND final draft of Science Fair Background Research

DUE Fri. 1/31--Momentum Car Crash project

DUE Fri. 1/17--Lab Report (typed) for Phases of the Moon  AND  10 Midterm Review Questions with Answers 

DUE Fri. 1/17-- 10 Midterm Review Questions with Answers  

DUE Fri. 1/10--Vocab Unit 5 AND Seasons WebQuest (Poster or Essay)  AND Sci. Fair Topic Selection Sheet + Background Research

DUE Thu. 1/9--Impulse Sheet p. 2 Practice Problems # 1-4 AND Study for Quiz on Momentum

DUE Wed. 12/18--Background research (1-2 paragraphs) for Science Fair topic with at least 5 sources

DUE Fri. 12/13--Formal (typed) Lab Report on Kepler's Laws

DUE Tue. 12/17--Momentum sheet (problems #1,2,4,6,8,10) 

DUE Wed. 12/11 (for RED, PURPLE) or(Thu. 12/12 for GREEN)--Planet Poster Project Presentation

DUE Thu. 12/11--Study for Unit 3 Test!

DUE Wed. 12/11--at least 2 TOPICS for ISRP / Science Fair  
DUE Mon. 12/9--Video Analysis sheet
DUE Fri. 12/6--"Do Now" notes from yesterday (12/5) on Kepler's Laws & 8 terms
DUE Fri. 12/6--"Do Now" notes from yesterday (12/5) about gravity on Mt. Everest vs. at sea level

DUE Fri. 12/6--Observing Solar System packet (4 pages) 

DUE Fri. 12/6--Friction Lab

DUE Fri. 12/6--Test Corrections Units 2-3
(required if score is less than 80%)

DUE Thu. 12/5--Friction Sheet (both sides)

DUE Wed. 12/4--at least 2 topics for ISRP /
Science Fair 

DUE Mon. 11/25--VOCAB Unit 4
(with 1 partner, define 20 words)
STUDY for Forces QUIZ on Fri. 11/22/13
DUE Tue. 11/19--Study for Units 2-3 Test
DUE Tue. 11/19--Net Force Sheet (4 boxes on back)

DUE Mon. 11/18--Light Lab Packet and Expanding Universe pp.4-5 

DUE Fri. 11/15--Vocab Sheet on Unit 3 (Newton's Laws) .... all 14 words 

DUE Fri. 11/15--Night Sky Observations x10 and Review ?'s with Answers x16

Wed. 10/16--(RED class) Read / complete pages 1-3 of "Expanding Universe" packet. 
Wed. 10/16--(PURPLE class) Calculate the proportions (%) of each of 7 types of waves on the EM Spectrum (for in-class project).
 Mon. 10/7 & Tue. 10/8 -- Summarize the basics from a total of 4-6 Cosmology Presentations

 Thu. 10/10 -- (BOTH CLASSES)  Create and solve your own word problem about speed and / or velocity. 
 Thu. 10/3 -- Mini-Research Project (on a Cosmology topic chosen in class) for 3-5 minute presentation on Monday 10/7

  Tue. 10/8 -- Complete #5-21 from the Beats Per Min. --> Meters Per Min. activity.....****COUNTS AS TEST GRADE**** 
Mon.  9/30 -- Vocabulary for Unit 2  
Thu. 9/19 -- (BOTH CLASSES)  Complete the Vector of Scalar example sheet.  
Fri. 9/20 -- Finish/ Revise Conversion Factor sheet.                   ( click here for a copy )
ALSO:  Work on the informal Penny Lab Report, which is DUE in class on Mon. 9/23.
  Mon. 9/16 -- Complete the last 3 Scalar Quantities from the class sheet. 
 Thu. 9/19 -- Choose 4 problems to solve from the Conversion Factor practice sheet.

  Mon. 9/16 -- Complete the "Challenge Problem" from Friday's class.  (Click on the "Physics" tab of this website to see picture)
Tue. 9/17 -- Finish the entire Aluminum Foil lab (including class averages, all calculations, conclusion questions/ percent % error) 

Mon. 9/16 -- Study for Quiz on Scientific Method, Accuracy vs Precision, Sci. Notation
Wed. 9/11 -- Scientific Notation Practice sheet.
click here for a copy )