I am Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind & Cognition at the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh. My primary research interests are in philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, metaphysics, and philosophy of language, with particular focus on the cognitive sciences.

My email address is mark.sprevak@ed.ac.uk

My papers can be seen on my publications page. I am currently Director of Knowledge Exchange for the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. 

I am one of the organisers of the Mind Network. The purpose of the Mind Network is to support the philosophy of mind and cognitive science community and encourage connections between researchers. The network has workshops every 6 months. The next meeting will be in Warwick in September. 

I teach on the University of Edinburgh's MOOC, Philosophy and the Sciences, launched in September 2014, which attracted over 60,000 participants in its first run. 

I am co-investigator on the AHRC project, A History of Distributed Cognition, running 2014-2017.

My wife Michela Massimi is a philosopher of science, also in the University of Edinburgh.