US History

US History


Contact info: 503 916-5140 ext. 84418

Description: This is a year-long course covering the history of the United States from its founding to present day.  We will be using a textbook, but will also do role plays, write essays, hold debates, peer teach, watch films, create historic scrapbooks and “museum” displays, and build a Hooverville.

Textbook: TCI History Alive! Pursuing American Ideals.

Basic Requirements: This class requires a great deal of participation. There will be note taking, research, in-class activities, and written work. Preparation outside of class will be necessary in the form of reading and completing other assignments and projects; however, there will be some class time allocated for these assignments, too.

Assessments: There will be chapter tests, essays, presentations, and other non-traditional assessments like creating scrapbooks and other hands-on projects.

Learning Targets : The students will understand and make connections among topics that may include but are not limited to: Colonial period and American Revolution, Civil War, Progressive Era, American  Imperialism, Harlem Renaissance, World War I, 1920s, World War II and life on the homefront, Cold War, Red Scare, Civil Rights Movement.

Behavioral Expectations:

1..Come Prepared. This means bring any book we may be using, paper and pen or pencil and BE ON TIME!

2.No Food or drinks in class. Gum and water are okay, but if mess becomes a problem you will lose the privilege.

3.Turn work in on time. You have until 3:30 on the day an assignment is due to turn it in. If you have a problem, see me BEFORE the due date, not the day it’s due.

4. There are no test retakes, unless you have an official educational plan that allows for retakes.

5. Be respectful of others in listening and working.

6. No headphones and No texting. Set all cell phones to silent.  We will be following the school's cell phone policy.

7. Challenge yourself. You will only get out of this class what you put into it. Make it your best effort.

    1. Grades

90% and above A

80%-89% B

70%-79% C

60-69% D 59% and below F

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