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Course Title: Spanish I

Course Number: FL40

Duration: 2 Semesters/1 Year

Grade: 9-12

Fee: $13 per additional/lost workbook, $75 per book lost, additional fees may apply to damaged books

Prerequisites: None

Course Description:  First-year world language emphasizes oral mastery of the basic skills of the language, including pronunciation and the ability to apply vocabulary and grammar to elementary conversations. Reading and writing skills are introduced as well as aspects of different cultures and histories of the countries where Spanish is spoken. Considerable student involvement is required in classroom activities. The student should plan to spend time outside of class on homework, review, and class preparation.   

Instructor name: Ms. Megan Peetz

Office location: B05/1264

School telephone number: (402) 829-4600

Availability:  Before school every day except Wednesdays, and after school every day. Please always ask ahead first to ensure I am not at a meeting when you try to come in. However, you may always just stop by to see if I am available.

Email address:

Answering policy for email: Responses will always be timely and email is the best contact method.  Inquiry answers may take a day depending on school activities.

Professional personal website: / / 

A little about me as a teacher: This is my 9th year teaching at Papillion-La Vista South. I have taught all levels of Spanish, but this year I teach Spanish I, II and Honors Spanish IV. I enjoy working volleyball and basketball games here at school and attending school events. In my undergraduate studies, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with emphasis in Spanish and English as a Second Language. I later earned my Master’s degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Improvement of Instruction. I also love to travel and have taken students to Costa Rica, Spain and Italy. I am excited to be planning another student trip to Spain in 2015 and cannot wait to see La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona again!

URL for online copy of syllabus:

Knowledge prerequisites:

  • Basic English grammar concepts
  • Developed study skills and methods
  • Enthusiasm and interest in learning and speaking Spanish!

Specific skills or knowledge students will gain and how those will be useful:

  • Subject pronouns, definite/indefinite articles, possessive adjectives, and other basic grammar concepts
  • Basic vocabulary in a variety of areas
  • Present tense verb conjugation
  • Useful phrases, terms and basic conversation skills.
  • Development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and cultural/geographic understanding

Textbook(s): Realidades 1  (Pearson-Prentice Hall). Text book (in class) and workbook (issued to student).


Daily required materials:

  • Spanish Grammar/Vocabulary notebook (composition-style notebook)
  • Folder with all handouts, assignments for semester and  loose-leaf paper (for bellwork and class activities)
  • Realidades 1 Workbook
  • Writing utensils

Teacher Schedule:

First & Second Semesters


Spanish II (co-taught with Mr. Cain)




Spanish II (2nd lunch)


Spanish II


Honors Spanish IV


Spanish I (co-taught with Mr. Cain)


Spanish I

Expectations about class participation: To be successful in Spanish, there are four very important things you can do. The first is to come to class every day. The more you are in class, the more you will be exposed to and learning Spanish and the more successful you will be at acquiring the language. The second is to complete all of your assignments and to do so in a timely fashion. In order to participate in activities involving homework, you must have it completed. This is your responsibility! The third is to actively PARTICIPATE in class! This means raising your hand, being active in partner activities, paying attention and SPEAKING SPANISH whenever possible. The fourth, but by no means final, thing you can do to be successful is to either ask questions in class or make an appointment to talk to me if you are having any difficulty understanding lessons or if you have concerns about your progress. Remember that I cannot help you if I do not know that you need help, so TALK to ME as soon as possible and before you fall behind.

Specific classroom rules and policies:

  • Be seated and have all needed materials when the bell rings.
  • Use Spanish as much as possible! I’m not worried about mistakes; I want you to try and I want you to get used to speaking the language. You have to speak Spanish in order to learn to speak it well.
  • Respect others: do not talk or leave your seat when the teacher or another classmate is talking.
  • Pay attention to maximize learning. Do not do assignments for other classes during this class.
  • Write your name on ALL assignments (I can’t enter a grade if I don’t know who the assignment belongs to).
  • Do NOT bring food to class. Beverages in a re-closeable plastic bottle are permissible.
  • Remain seated in your assigned seat until I dismiss the class. No packing up while instruction is still going or lining up at the door!
  • Our school has a “Responsible and Acceptable Usage Policy for Cell Phones and Electronic Devices”.  Students are expected to adhere to the policy.  In this class, the use of personal technology items are allowed for educational use specifically determined by the teacher. If I have not told you that you may have them out, then they should be away and will be confiscated if they are a distraction to your learning environment. Failure to comply with the acceptable use policy will result in a discipline referral without warning.  Please utilize your time in passing periods and lunch to take care of these items.  In this classroom, silence of these items is expected.
  • Tardies will be counted as per school policy. Please see the Titan handbook for more information.

Examinations: During each unit students will have multiple ways to show their knowledge. They will have a minimum of two formative assessments including a vocabulary quiz as well as a grammar quiz. There will also be listening, speaking, and other formative assessments as well. Students will have a summative unit exam at the end of each unit. At the end of each semester, students will have a multiple choice final as well as a speaking and/or written final.  Note on Assessments: While all graded assessments will be reviewed with students, no assessment will be returned to them to take home. In order to maintain assessment confidentiality, all assessments will be kept by the teacher but may be reviewed at any time with prior notification.

PLSHS Final exams will be held on December 18th and 19th as well as May 19th & 20th.  Please do not schedule vacations or appointments to conflict with final exams.

Projects and written assignments: Students will be assigned different formative and summative projects throughout the year. Summative projects will have larger point values and include more requirements and writing than formative projects. Students will generally have one formative and one summative project each semester, however additional projects may be assigned.

Elements of the course grade and their weights: In this course 70% of the final grade will be for summative assessments such as unit tests and large projects, as well as other assessments/assignments determined by the teacher. The other 30% of the final grade will be for formative assessments such as bellwork, homework, vocabulary quizzes, grammar quizzes and small projects. The final exam grade will count at 15% of the overall grade.

Extra credit: Extra credit will only be available as bonus questions on assessments. No other extra credit assignments or options will be available.   




The World Languages Department Retakes Policy for Spanish I and II is as follows:

  • 1 formative retake per semester which can be done at any time. This includes vocabulary and grammar quizzes. These must be done by 1 week prior to finals.
  • If a student fails a summative assessment, they may redo the written portions for up to a 60% on any test. This must be done within 48 hours of getting the test back.





Late Assignments: The World Languages Department Late Work and Make-Up Work Policy is as follows:

                If your homework (or bellwork) assignment is one day late (meaning it is not done when the tardy bell rings on the due date), the maximum you can earn is 70% of the total value (30% deduction).   If it is 2 days late (meaning it is not done the day after it is due when the tardy bell rings), the maximum you can earn is 50% of the total value (50% deduction).  After one week, if the assignment has still not been submitted, the grade will become a zero.

                All projects not turned in on the assigned date at the beginning of class, will be worth 70% (30% deduction) the first day late and 50% (up to 50% deduction)  the second day late.  After the first day late, the administrator and parent(s)/guardian(s) may be contacted. Please see the Titan Pyramid for more information.

If you are absent on the day work was assigned, you will have 2 days to complete and turn in the assignment before it is counted late. If you were present when work was assigned, but absent on the following day, the work will be due immediately upon your return. An example is that if homework was assigned Monday and a student was absent Tuesday but returns Wednesday, Monday’s homework is due first thing Wednesday, while Tuesday’s homework would be due Friday, since the student was absent. Of course, you are always encouraged to turn in make-up work as soon as possible. Please note that test and quiz make-up may follow a slightly different time-line. Also note that absent students are responsible for making up bellwork on their own time.

PLSHS Grading Scale:

Regular Classes

A+           100.00   96.50                                      B-            82.40      79.50                      D             66.40      62.50

A             96.40      92.50                                      C+           79.40      76.50                      D-            62.40      59.50                     

A-            92.40      89.50                                      C             76.40      72.50                      F              59.40      0.00

B+           89.40      86.50                                      C-            72.40      69.50

B             86.40      82.50                                      D+           69.40      66.50

Grades are updated online once per week and can be accessed on the Parent Web (see parent link at or go directly to  If you do not have your password, you may click on the “forgot password” link. Grades will be updated by Sunday of each week.

Policy about spelling, grammar and punctuation in written assignments: All written work (including assessments) is to be completed in a color other than red (blue or black ink or pencil is preferred). Handwriting must be legible and leave no doubt as to spelling and punctuation (I have to be able to see the accent to count it). Spelling and accent errors are worth a ½ point deduction on graded work (formative and assessments, as well as projects). Use of an online translator is not allowed and will be considered cheating.