Ms. Peale's language arts class!

WELCOME to seventh grade at Falcon Cove! I look forward to an exciting year with all of you. 

This website is a helpful tool for your success in my class.  The "Agenda Day by Day" tab includes what we are doing in class as well as homework assignments with due dates. The "Calendar" tab is a quick resource for due dates, assessment dates, school closures, and holidays. The "Attachments" is a listing of documents students will print out (when advised) to use as notes, reference, or supplement.

       [Disclaimer: Please note that this is not always a complete listing of activities and assignments. Information posted here is for your convenience; however, due to unexpected circumstances, assignments and assessments are subject to change. The most current information will be written on the board in the classroom. Thank you for your understanding.]

My e-mail address is
Parents and students: Please email me with any questions or concerns.

Supplies for class
-- small three ring binder for better organization (You may share a binder with math; you just need to keep the work separated.)
-- filler paper (three hole) -- college-ruled -- 8-1/2" x 11" preferred
-- dividers (you can make these from a piece of paper)  2016-17 Dividers: Vocabulary/Spelling (page one is student's Personal Spelling Log), Grammar, Text-Related
-- sharpened pencils or mechanical pencils (#2 pencils are needed for any standardized testing), pens (black and/or blue, red), eraser, highlighter(s)
-- post-it notes
-- school agenda – you need to buy this (or make it) as part of your supplies. (May purchase from the school--if you purchase on-line at school website, print receipt and bring receipt to school to pick up agenda)
a novel to read (Yes, every day!) -- This is not a magazine or collection of short stories.

Wish List for the Classroom
- box of tissues
- hand sanitizer WIPES (and even faces): Please do not send the wipes for kitchen and bathrooms or the liquid hand sanitizer bottles.
- letter-size printer paper (8-1/2 x 11)
                                            Thank you!

We will be reading Nothing But the Truth by Avi in class, and at home reading will also be assigned. Students may check out a book from me or you may buy the book for your child. You should buy the book if your child benefits from writing notes, highlighting, or underlining in the book, or if your child just wants to have the book in his or her library. Also, I suggest you purchase the book if your child will dog-ear the pages or bend back the cover, which damages the spine. I definitely have a novel for each child.

Grades - Categories and Weights -- Policies
Homework -- 10%
Classwork -- 20%
Projects/Writing -- 30%
Assessments -- 40%

Late Work Policy
Homework is not accepted late unless there are extenuating circumstances. Work that we are reviewing the next day must be finished and available for me to check. (Even though Projects and some writing assignments are generally done at home, they are not considered homework.) Some assignments are accepted late for up to four days with a grade reduction for each day the work is late. If the work is turned in one day late, the highest grade possible is an 89; two days late results in the highest possible grade of 79; three days late results in the highest possible grade of 69; four days late results in the highest possible grade of 59. Work is not accepted late after the four days and the student earns a zero for the missing assignment.

Absence Policy
If the student is in class when I assign work, then I expect the work to be given to me when the student returns to class -- without my asking for it.  If the student is absent from class when the work is assigned, the student has two days for every day absent to make up the work.

Signing up for Reminders Using
What is it? Remind is a one-way text messaging and email system. With Remind, all personal information remains completely confidential. Teachers will never see your phone number nor will you ever see theirs.

Here is how you sign up (you may choose one OR both):

1. To receive text message reminders, text your class code to 81010

        Class codes:
        Period 1 --  @peale01                Period 3 -- @peale03                Period 5 -- @peale05

        Period 2 --  @peale02                Period 4 -- @peale04                Period 6 -- @peale06


2.  To receive email reminders, send an email to the following email address for your class period.  Leave the subject line blank.

Period 1 --          Period 4 --

Period 2 --          Period 5 --

Period 3 --          Period 6 --

Single Sign On (SSO)
-- Students will use a SSO to access Pinnacle, My HRW on-line textbooks,, and a variety of other websites. Students first access SSO by the following website: (or or the student can click on the sailpoint in the upper right hand corner of the Chrome screen to open the SSO Launchpad).  The user name is the student's student number and the password is the students birthdate in the following format-- PMM/DD/YYYY.

Accessing the on-line textbook Florida Collections
-- Use SSO to access the online textbook (My.HRW). Remember to change to the correct grade level once you are on the student dashboard.

1. Click on the Student Resources box on the dashboard.
2. From the contents listing of topic areas on the left, click on Level Up Tutorials.
3. In the middle of the screen, click on Explore the Tutorials--->
3. If you want to view tutorials about the various Types of Literature, you are on the right screen. Select from any to view and complete the practice.
4. To view the listing of topic areas for tutorials, click on the three horizontal bars on the top left of the screen.
5. Click on whatever topic area you are interested in or which was assigned.
6. Once that topic area of tutorials opens, click on the tutorial you are interested in or which was assigned. View and complete the practice.
- Use SSO to access From the Launchpad, select should open for you. (If you get a screen to sign in using Clever: click the left box that states "Log in with Active Directory" to get to the website.) Students can also launch Clever on the SSO Launchpad screen, which will then bring up a screen and students will click on

(In class, students were given the class specific URL to join the class.)

Accessing USA Test Prep

The website is

Use falcons32 as the Account ID.

Student User Name is your student identification number.

Your password is your birthdate preceded by a P and slashes to separate the two digit month/two digit day/four digit year as shown in the example below:

PMM/DD/YYYY  (Example: birthdate is May 15, 2000:  P05/15/2000)

Google Classroom and Google Drive--How to Sign In to Google

Using Google Chrome as your browser, go to to sign in. Click on "sign in" in the blue box at the top right of the screen.

Sign on with your student number:  Your password is birthday starting with a capital P and slashes between the month/day/year:  PXX/XX/XXXX

To get to Google Classroom, open up another tab and enter  If you want to get to Google Drive, click on the waffle (3 x 3 at the top right), and click on the symbol with Drive beneath it.

Compass Odyssey -- Access from Home - for extra reading skill reinforcement

Student Login at website

User Name is your ten digit student number. Password is your birthdate with capital P in the front and slashes between month, day, and year: PMM/DD/YYYY

Students must type Broward in the last box. Click language arts to access the activities.

[***My On Summer Reading Program

Website is 

Student sign on information: user name=student identification number;   password=birthday (MM/DD/YYYY).

Students can use this to read books based on their reading level. There is an audio component which gives the students the choice to listen to the book; there is a dictionary built in for unfamiliar words. Students can install a free App to download up to 20 books and be mobile.]