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Welcome to my E-Classroom!  For the past two years I have been back "Home" in Michigan.  I spent 2005 - 2013 teaching Middle School Mathematics in the Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY.  I am certified to teach all subjects in elementary school and math and science in middle school.  I am passionate about my job and about helping students to be successful in their learning experiences.  I hope to clearly demonstrate that passion within this site!  Enjoy!

Cautious, calculated risks lead to fruitful learning experiences!
<--Circa early 1970's

Trafalgar Falls, 
Dominica, 2007
I ventured to NYC in 2005 after receiving my Masters Degree in Educational Studies from the University of Michigan, but my career adventures began several years prior.  In 1994, I received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, also from the University of Michigan.  Upon graduating, I began a career in technology and management consulting with Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting).  While I have since determined that teaching is my true calling and passion, I am exceptionally grateful for the experiences gained during my first career.  I have personally witnessed the importance of problem solving skills and the ability to communicate verbally and in writing in order to gain professional success.  I have also personally witnessed my own learning increase by leaps and bounds through my experiences.  My travels throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and Central America have opened my eyes to just how much I still have to learn in my years to come.  It is these prior experiences that influence my desire to provide my students with learning opportunities through experience.  Below are a handful of activities that I have provided for my students in the hope that the experiences will open their eyes to the learning opportunities that exist in our world.
Probability Lesson at Dave-n-Buster's

Probability Lesson 
at Dave-n-Buster's

2005-06, 1st Year of Teaching
The Performing and Fine Arts School, MS143 
Factors and Multiples Review Step Routine

Student Trip to a Liberty Basketball Game:  
Triple OT!!

Students measure the school yard in order to create a scale drawing.

Bicycle riding around Governor's Island