The Homestuck Reference Index

Or some people have way too much time and spend far too many hours on entertainment 

This index was created as a way to quickly reference when things happen, are mentioned, or are alluded to in the webcomic Homestuck. Each entry in the index will have a very short summery of the page(s) it is linking to, as well as any other relevant information. Eventually this should have a reference to every element of Homestuck, down to the smallest detail such as which pages have cakes in them. 

Everything is split between two pages to make it very easy to use ctrl+f, and there will be a lot of repetition because of how the index is organized. The page for character entries can be found here and all other entries will be on this page. The table of contents and ctrl+f will be your best friends here, and are meant to be. For more details on how this index is organized, check out a quick primer of how things are organized.




  • a


  • John's Room (Pages 1,

Kid Incipisphere

  • a

Troll Incipisphere

  • a

____ Named

  • Kid Prosprit ( Page 1026, )



  • Game Bro (Pages 4-)



References to

  • It's mentioned John has a number of them in his room (Page 4)
  • The reader moves a cake so John can open his magic chest ( Page 6)
  • John is command to eat cake, which he refuses (Page 23)
  • Fake arms combined with cake on bed (Page 36)
  • Frosting from couch cake used to attach arms to the HARLEQUIN DOLL (Page 36)
  • Dad wields a cake (Pages 89)
  • John is commanded to take the cake from Dad (Page 95)
  • John is commanded to take the cake on the couch (Page 102)
  • John makes double decker cake ( Page 103)
  • John does cake surgery (Page 106
  • Rose mentions cake in toilet ( Page 160,)
  • Rose mentions cake in John's life (Page 174,)


  • John's Desktop (Pages 4-)


  • Magic Chest (Pages 4-)


Dave Strider

  • a

Jade Harley

  • a

John Egbert

  • Slimer Shirt (Pages 1-

Rose Lalonde

  • a


  • Con Air (Pages 4-
  • Deep Impact (Pages 4-
  • Ghostbusters II (Pages 4-
  • Little Monsters (Pages 1, 4-
  • Mac and Me (Pages 4-
  • Midnight Crew (Pages 4-
  • SBURB Beta (Pages 1,



Act Namers

  • Note Desolation Plays (Page 82)
  • Raise of the conductor's baton (Page 307 )
  • Insane Corkscrew Haymakers ( Page 1099)
  • Don't Bleed on the Suits ( Page 1260)
  • Mobius Double Reach Around ( Page 2319 )
  • He is Already Here (Pages 2975, 3615, 3631 )

Art Styles

Circumstantial Simultaneity

Human culture


Enter Name Gag


Reoccurring Jokes




  • Date (Pages 1,
  • Counter ( Pages 721,
  • Other ( Pages 757