Here you will find a collection of useful reference material on the Texas Instruments MSP430 family of microcontrollers.

Please be aware that I am new to the MSP430 (as of May 2011) and I am developing this page primarily for personal reference. I am organizing this information on Google Sites because I have found it a good way to collect, organize, store, and search information. The fact that the rest of the world can access it is merely a pleasant side effect. Nonetheless, I am open to the possibility of opening up the site to other editors and allowing it to evolve into a community site. If anyone is interested in participating please contact me at rockets4kids@gmail.com

At the present time this site contains not much more than a collection of links to other sites. Do not expect to find much in the way of original information. Hopefully that will change in the future.

All major categories are listed in the sidebar on the left.