September 21, 2016
Parents and Students,

(These pages are under construction. Please excuse the mess!) 

Web Pages:
- For information about grades, please go to the PowerSchool link from the web page.
- For information about homework, including directions for completion and supporting documents, due dates, etc. please go to
- To find students' personal documents (classwork and homework), go to
- To contact me, please email me at and include both the name and class period of your student.

- Student does not have work at homework check time (beginning of class) = 0
- Student completes or finds the incomplete/missing work before the end of the class and informs/shows me the assignment = .8 (B)
- Student turns the completed work in the next day or thereafter = .7 (C)
- Student was absent the day I checked for work, or is at school, but was absent when the work was assigned = 0 with comment "absent" or "previous absence." The grade will be changed without a late penalty when the work is turned in.
- blank space, no grade assigned = I haven't finished grading the assignment yet.  Be patient!

Thank you!

So far this year, we've begun learning to take notes, read the text using text features to improve understanding, study from the notes, and take a quiz using notes for support. Students have completed and turned in their first project incorporating geographical landforms, which will help them understand why the civilizations we'll be studying this year were able to survive and thrive in those locations.

Ms. Oshiro