MSOE Straight And Gay Alliance Constitution
MSOE Straight And Gay Alliance

Section 1 Name
The name of this Organization shall be the MSOE Straight And Gay Alliance (SAGA), hereafter 
referred to as the Organization. 
Section 2 Purposes
The purpose of this Organization shall be the following:
 promote the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) community as a safe zone for 
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender students, staff, and faculty by providing social 
and private sources of support, information, networking, and events
 work towards understanding and unity between both LGBT and non-LGBT members of 
the MSOE community 
 address issues brought up to the Organization‟s attention related to gender, sexuality, and 
other matters of diversity 

Section 1 Qualification for Membership
Membership into the Organization shall be open to all students, staff, and faculty Membership 
within the Organization shall stay consistent with all applicable federal and state laws and MSOE
policies. This Organization and its subordinate bodies and officers shall not discriminate for or
against anyone on the basis of race, gender, religion, culture, or sexual orientation.
Section 2 Responsibilities of Members 
 Members should bring suggestions and input to all meetings and events.
 Members should assist the chairs of the Organization and/or committees in planning and
organizing events.
 Members should participate in on-campus as well as off-campus leadership opportunities.
 Members should attend meetings and events which are sponsored by the organization.

Section 1 The Officers of the Organization’s Executive Board 
 President: The purpose of the President is to A) oversee the Executive Board and 
supervise the responsibilities of the organization‟s members B) Assist members when 
needed C) Call for mandatory meetings for both Executive Board and General Assembly 
(General Meetings) D) Call for Election of the Executive Board E) Otherwise, if needed, 
Appoint members into committees or into the Executive Board F) Maintain the wellbeing of the organization G) Temporarily fulfill the responsibilities of absent Executive 
Board members 
 Vice President: The role(s) of the Vice President shall be: A) Assist President in the 
supervision of Executive Board members B) Oversee the duties of the Treasurer, Secretary, and newly appointed members C) Act as temporary or “Acting President” 
when the President is absent D) Manage General Meetings, especially under the absence 
of the President 
 Treasurer: The overall purpose of the Treasurer is to A) manage, analyze, and report on 
the current financial status of the Organization, including the bank account(s), financial 
transactions, debts, and revenues of the organize to the President, Executive Board, and 
Organization B) supervise and approve or disapprove of proposed financial transactions 
involving the Organization C) report financial status to the Student Government 
Association, Student Activities, and MSOE members of authority
 Webmaster: The purpose of the Webmaster shall be to maintain the Organization‟s 
website, making updates, managing issues, and providing design ideas to market to 
MSOE‟S online community
 Advisor(S): The purpose of the Organization Advisor(S) is to assist the Executive Board 
and the Organization in the areas of management in order to secure the well-being of the 
Section 2 Election of Officers
Each officer of the Executive Board shall be elected by the Organization the second Monday of 
the Month of May. The term of each officer of the Executive  Board shall be one year. There is 
no maximum number of terms for these officers, unless the elected officer is no longer a student 
of the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Rader School of Business, or MSOE School of 
Nursing.  Special positions created by the President and/or the Executive Board shall be 
appointed by the Executive Board with approval of the President and Advisors, otherwise voted 
upon within the General Assembly within the Organization. Upon the sudden absence or vacancy 
of an Executive seat, the President or Acting President may appoint members to serve as “acting 
officers” until the seat is filled with an elected qualified candidate. 
If the President‟s seat is open due to resignation, disqualification, graduation, or “other”, the 
Vice President shall be the Acting President. If the Vice President‟s seat is open, then the next 
Executive Board member shall take upon duty of the Vice President, and so forth. 
Section 3 Clause of Duty
Each officer or member of the Executive Board must adhere to the responsibilities as outlined in 
the Organization‟s Constitution. If the Organization and the Executive Board agree that an 
Executive officer is violating the Organization, MSOE‟s policies, or neglecting his/her duties, 
then the officer is hereby considered on probation, and a hearing in which the Executive Board 
and Organization shall vote on the resignation, demotion, or stay of the officer at question. 
However, every member must have a Fair and Just Chance to represent him/herself during the 
probation period. 

Section 1 Voting and Decision Making Process
The President has overall decision making power of the Organization, however the Organization 
may overpass the President‟s vote by 2/3‟s majority.  No member of the Organization shall act 
alone as the Organization without the approval of the members and Executive Board of the Organization. Only during urgent times shall the President or an Executive officer make a 
decision w/o consent to the Organization, however all decisions are to be reported to the 
Organization and may be subject to overturn or veto by the Executive Board and the 
Organization. All decisions must adhere to the Purpose of the Organization, and respect the rules 
of the Organization and the Milwaukee School of Engineering (including all State, Federal, and 
National laws). 
Section 2 Meetings
The Organization will conduct all meetings at the Milwaukee School of
Engineering twice a month. Meetings shall vary with the schedule of the members of the 
Organization, however a week in advance notice for meetings is required. Dates and meeting 
locations shall be reserved by the Executive Board for the most convenience of the group as a 

ARTICLE Amendments
Section 1 Voting
Changes to the Constitution must be reported and agreed upon by the Executive Board, 
especially the President, Vice President, and Advisor(s). Every six months, the Constitution may 
be reviewed by the Executive Board for consideration of Amendments, and voted upon a 2/3‟s 
majority vote. All Amendment and Constitutional business must be reported to the General 
Assembly of the Organization within „due time‟. „Due time‟ shall be a grace period of no more 
than two weeks after a decision or proposal is made. The General Assembly of the Organization 
may veto an Amendment by 2/3‟s majority vote against the Executive Board. If this happens, a 
mandatory trial meeting must be organized where the members of the Organization discuss and 
vote on the Amendment(s) to the Constitution in a “Constitutional General Assembly”. If issues 
happen at this time, the Student Government Association may be contacted for third party 
negotiations and advice.  
Amendments may be submitted by any member.
i. Purpose
The purpose of this Organization shall be the following:
o promote the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) community as a safe 
zone for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender students, staff, and faculty by providing social and private sources of support, information, networking, and 
o work towards understanding and unity between both LGBT and non-LGBT 
members of the MSOE community 
o address issues brought up to the Organization‟s attention related to gender, 
sexuality, and other matters of diversity 
The Purpose defines the functions of the Organization, and oblige the Organization to not 
deviate from the state rules 
ii. Members of the Organization shall be students, staff, and faculty members of the 
Milwaukee School of Engineering. Special membership is offered to:
a. Approved non-MSOE supporting members by the Executive  Board
b. Approved members of associating or partnering organizations of the Organization 
within MSOE
c. Approved members of associating or partnering organizations of the Organization 
of approved collegiate and public organizations (i.e. other college LGBT groups, 
Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, Center Advocates, etc.)  
iii. There is a Checks and Balances system between the President, Executive Board, 
General Assembly, official members of the Student Government Association, and 
Student Activities Department 
a. The purpose of the Checks and Balances system is to ensure the Fair and Just 
operation of the Organization to further protect the Organization‟s members and 
the Milwaukee School of Engineering from negligent or harmful activity(s)