Email: cng@ctemc.org
Phone: 732-291-0995
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Welcome to the new school year!

I sometimes communicate with students via text messages.You should be part of it too!
- Join my Remind group. You will receive text messages that I send out. (See www.Remind.com to learn more about this communication tool).
    If they are in Period 3 Environmental Science, text the phrase "@mastenvsc3" to the phone number 81010.
    If they are in Period 4 Environmental Science, text the phrase "@mastenvsc4" instead.
    If they are in Period 5/6 Biology, text the phrase "@mastbio56" to the phone number 81010. 
    If they are in Period 7/8 Biology, text the phrase "@mastbio78" instead.

- Note: When prompted to enter your name, use your name, not that of your son/daughter!

I also send out emails to parents. I do not post photos with student faces on this website. If you did not attend Back To School Night and/or are not receiving emails, and would like to be on the mailing list, please send me an email at cng@ctemc.org and introduce yourself!
Extra Help/Office Hours
Mondays and Thursdays Lunch A
Other times, by appointment

** Note: I occasionally have meetings that occur during these times. If you know in advance that you would like to see me on a specific lunch, please let me know, so I will be there for you! **

"Remind" Announcements