Young Choristers

Some recent younger members of the choir

Cameron - joined 2012 - Now: Choral Scholar - working for A levels

I joined the choir in 2012 because I really enjoyed singing. I didn’t know much about music then but I have learnt to read and understand music much better. I’ve just passed my RSCM Silver award and I've just heard that I've been awarded the first ever choral scholarship at St Mary's for 2016/17.Being in the choir has given me the opportunity to sing solos, including at the Christmas Carol Service when the church is packed. I love going to cathedrals to sing with the choir. I have even sung for the Queen. Everyone in the choir has been very friendly; I join in fully with everything we do.

I have a great time in the choir. Being a member doesn't take over your life – there is plenty of time for doing other things (apart from homework). I play cricket for Herefordshire U14s and Ross Cricket Club as well as belonging to a drama group.

Ginnie - joined 2005 - Now: studying Physiotherapy at Manchester Metropolitan.

I have been a part of the church choir at St.Mary’s for many years, starting at the age of six. During this time I have built up the confidence to sing solos and develop my vocal skills, and to achieve my grade 8 singing (TRINITY) recently with a merit.

Church choir has also assisted my participation in the school choir as well as auditioning for musical productions within school and the local drama group X-entricity.

For me, the Church choir is a big part of who I am. In my pursuit of the Arts, both receiving my grade 8 ballet, and being in the choir have supported my A level Drama. Being involved with the choir helped my university application as it showed a high level of commitment and differentiated me from other candidates. In my university interviews, lecturers were intrigued by my extra curricular activities as they were interested in what else I could pursue at university over and above my course work.

I have made great friends along the way and have very much enjoyed being able to sing along side my Mum and Sister. This choir has genuinely been an amazing experience and opportunity.

Beth - joined 2005 - Now: Studying German at Birmingham University I’m 20 and I’m studying German, Italian and European Studies at the University of Birmingham. Joining the choir wasn’t my decision; my brother had sung in a county choir in Surrey before we moved and my parents decided I could go along with him to this church choir they’d found here. Little did they know that I’d be the one who fell in love with it, not him.

Fast-forward just over eleven years and I’m now a grade eight standard singer and clarinettist and singing in choral groups at university. In St Mary's choir I made friends that I’m certain I’ll have my whole life long, and I can’t begin to explain how much my confidence improved. I love being able to go back and sing in Ross during holidays.

I cannot encourage you enough to join the choir, as I would not be where I am today without it.

Laurence - has been our organist for a year - Now: Organ Scholar at The Queen's College, Oxford

While I was in the choir, Friday evening and then the Sunday services were among the best things in my week. As well as producing really high quality music, it’s great working as part of a team and hearing pieces evolve over the weeks. In our robes, we look quite serious - but actually we have a lot of fun! Being in the choir is a great thing to do - and I hope that I will be able to carry on singing, and maybe even lead a choir of my own one day. My work at St Mary’s helped me secure the amazing opportunity first to be a cathedral organ scholar and now in an Oxford college.

James - joined 2008 - Now: Studying Geography at Plymouth University

I have been a member of the choir at St. Mary’s for 9 years and can honestly say that I am so grateful to Mark and the rest of the choir for the opportunities being a member has given me. I was reluctant to join at first as I was nervous about singing with a large group of experienced people, even allowing other people to hear me sing. Choir has allowed me to achieve awards with the Royal School of Church Music (which look amazing on a CV- think of your future!); has taught me life skills (how to read music); and aided me achieving in ABRSM Grade 8 in vocals. At university I was a member of the University of Plymouth Student Choir.

When I return home I always rejoin the choir and it’s like I’ve never left! Everyone is so friendly and you almost feel a part of one family.

Choir has benefited me both academically and socially (improving self-confidence). If you enjoy singing, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Lydia - recently a BA in Music from Nottingham University - Now: Music Therapy course.

I've had many happy years in the choir. Having finished a music degree at the University of Nottingham I, I enjoy coming back to sing when I can. My hope to pursue a career in music is largely down to being part of the choir and I am very grateful for that. It is a close, friendly unit and I value the times that I have had there very much.

Joel - Joined 2015 - now studying Music at York UniversityI joined the choir as I wanted to expand my choral repertoire from my previous experience singing in Hereford Cathedral to try and aspire for wider singing opportunities at university. The choir members are extremely friendly and always keen to lend a hand. I met some great characters and made some great new friends. The choir also gave much more experience to help aspire to greater things such as being given lots more solos and singing repertoire ranging from Renaissance to Rutter. I am now on my way to the University of York to do a BA in Music where I hope to be joining York Bach Choral Society, the University Choir, the University Chamber Choir and one day (hopefully) York Minster amongst many other things!

Mark and the choir was a fantastic experience and I was given so many more opportunities here and learned so much. I enjoyed looking forward to my Fridays and Sundays where I could relax and sing some great music, I would recommend it to anyone regardless of where they wish to go in life.