About the Teacher & Contact Info

                   Teacher: Donna Muldowney
                AKA: Ms. M.
                    High School English

        Introduction: It might help to know a little about me. I am a graduate of Southwest Texas State. Sadly, it has now changed the name to Texas State. I served my country in the U. S. Navy, as did my husband. For me, the U.S. Navy is a family tradition, going back generations. I am proud to say that my great aunt, Rhea, was one of the first female U.S. Naval officers.

        I have a daughter, Toran, who also served in the Navy. That is where she met her husband, George, a Navy pilot. Toran now works in Veterinarian Medicine. She has always been interested in animals, something we share.

          I have a cute dogie who rules my home!

        I moved here from the Austin area and have fallen in love with the students of LHS. I have traveled the world and met many interesting people. I have visited some strange and exciting places, but I am happy to call this place home.
     I graduated high school, from Shepherd, Texas, so I wasn't really that far from here, growing up. The world is an enormous place, 
but there is no place like East Texas!
        As it happens, I am a student by nature and a teacher by profession. I believe that every person and situation has something to teach me and hope that I am able to return the favor.
        I know that nothing grows in stagnation . . . and that means change, challenge and stretching are needed to grow. I look forward to learning with our students each year . . . and "stirring the waters".

                                            Ms. M.

Contact Information:
L.H.S. Special Education Office: 936-630-4281