Final Grade Calculator

Below is a link to a file that will tell you what you need to earn for the fourth marking period and final exam to pass for the year:

When you click on the link, a new tab will open and you will see the Excel file.  You will need to:
  • click on the three lines at the top right of the screen and download the file

  • After it downloads, click on it to open it.  the file will open in Excel.  You will need to click "enable editing"

  • After you click that, you will receive a security warning.  You will need to enable macros in order for the calculator to work correctly.

  • Once you click that, you can save it to your computer, or just use it one time only.  You can not use it from within the web link that is provided.  The file is safe and free of viruses, so do not be afraid to download it.