Left Page Assignments

Left Page Assignment Choices


(Color With Purpose)


Draw Pictures, Which Demonstrate The Meaning Of The Words In The Assignment.  The Word Itself Must Appear In The Picture.


Create A Chapter Test With A 10 Question Matching Section & 4 Multiple Choice Items.


Write A List Of 10

Reasons Why It Is Important To Learn The Information In This Chapter


Using This Chapter’s New Vocabulary Words As Search Prompts, Find 3 Websites, Which Provide More Info.  Write 2 Facts You Learned From Visiting Each Website


In 75 Words Or More, Describe An Invention, Which Would Allow Scientists To Instantly Learn More About The Subject In The Assigned Pages

# 6

Choose The Most Important Concept In The Assigned Pages & Write An Explanation In 75 Words Or Less Which Would Explain The Concept To A Young Child


Choose A Concept From The Assigned Pages & Then Describe How This Applies To A
Real Life” Situation.  Make A Comparison


Make A Set Of Flashcards With At Least 8 Words From The Assigned Pages.  Write The Word On The Top Of The Flashcard. Write The Def. & Picture Demonstrating The Meaning Underneath On Your Notebook Paper


Create A Crossword Puzzle Using At Least 10 Vocabulary Words From This Chapter www.puzzlemaker.com

 (Remember, you are just making the puzzle…don’t fill it in until the day before the notebook check or exam)


Create a Concept Map with One Key Vocabulary Word/Concept in the Center.  You must use at least 5 words or concepts to complete the Map


Write A Letter To A Friend Explaining What You Learned From The Assignment


Design A Book Or Magazine Cover For The Subject We Are Covering


Create An Advertisement Which Might Appear In A Scientific Magazine Which Tries To Convince People To Learn More About What We Are Studying


Create a Word Search.  However, Instead of Word Clues You Must Use Definitions at the bottom and then find the Word in the Puzzle