National Myth Exam

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Special Theme = "Ancient Beginnings"

NME sources 2018

Iliad Book 1 (The Quarrel):
Odyssey Book 10 (Odysseus and Circe):
Aeneid Book 2 (The Fall of Troy):

Students signed up to take the 2018 exam on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28 after school in the Dining Hall:

Amir Aitelhadj                    Hannah Boone
Dorothy Thompson            Henry Allushi
Maddie Borovoy                Sara Lieb
Natalie Poftak                    Junxiang Lin
Kathleen He                      Owen Butler
Gage Vieno                       Andy Alvarez
Mary Bosch                       RJ Fitzgerald
Irene Deng                        Nico L'Huillier
Tamy Peralta-Virtue          Dante Shepherd
Matty G                             Karen Dong
Ilyass Chafiq

See the attached documents below for the syllabus.
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Elizabeth Moguel,
Mar 1, 2016, 9:14 AM