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Issues of Ownership

Now that we've established a clear national identity as a result of the Anglo-Saxon and Medieval time periods, we enter a period of rapid development in English/European society.  The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are largely concerned with the Age of Exploration, and the race for one national identity to reign supreme in the world.  It is because of this "land race" that we turn our attention to the issue of ownership, not only of land and people in our own culture, but in new, uncharted areas as well.  We will study issues that form the underpinnings of postcolonial theory, and regardless if you spell it with the hyphen or not, you'll understand its major tenets of the excluded ("Other"), as well as the representation of the colonizer and colonized in European literature.  Our main text for this unit is Shakespeare's The Tempest, but we will also examine other works that comprise the postcolonial genre as time permits.



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