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Colonization and its Aftermath

A major topic in world history is the issue of colonization, or the dominion of one group by another.  Modern colonization took hold in the late 1700s with countries like Britain, among other European nations, proclaiming their ownership over the world.  It started small:  one piece of land was conquered at a time until entire continents no longer belonged to native (aka indigenous) peoples.  At one point, the sun literally did not set over the British Empire because she controlled so much of the world:  at the height of the colonial movement, Britain controlled a colony in every single time zone.  She wasn't alone, as other nations conquered and ruled (most of the time with iron fists) many areas of the world.  This unit will not only bring to light the issues of colonization, but will allow us to examine what the native populations thought of the colonizers as well by studying works like Achebe's Things Fall Apart.

Context:  Africa
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