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A Midsummer Night's Dream (Bellwork)

This semester, we will be exposed to one of Shakespeare's comedies:  A Midsummer Night's Dream.  We will learn the basics of the plot first, then spend the beginning of each class period learning a small portion of the plot, delivered in VERY grammatically incorrect passages that require students to fix them.  We will also experience Shakespeare's language by studying the play itself and even viewing parts of various filmic translations along the way.  The purpose of this is to ensure that students are not only being exposed to Shakespeare, a Common Core requirement, but they're learning vital grammatical rules, proofreading skills, and vocabulary, all necessary for effective communication in the world beyond high school.

About the Play
A Midsummer Night's Dream Plot 1
A Midsummer Night's Dream Plot 2

Each day in class (unless otherwise specified), you will be exposed to another piece of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in the form of VERY grammatically incorrect sentences.  If you miss a day, it is your responsibility to make up the passage from the day you were absent.  These are available at the following link:

A Midsummer Night's Dream Bellwork
Proofreader's Symbols Sheet