The Metamorphosis

Originally simply titled The Transformation in German by an author who valued precise diction, Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis (as it has come to be called in English) chronicles Gregor Samsa's personal surprise and its effects when he wakes up late for work on a seemingly normal morning.  A quick read between the lines will show us that this 1912 novella isn't just about Samsa's transformation, but a commentary about major social changes in Europe in the late 1800s--particularly revolving around the effects of rapid industrialization and the influx of socialism.  Studying this novel will allow us not only to continue to work on recognizing the use and impact of literary devices like motifs, symbolism, tone, and theme, but it will allow us to delve into the issues plaguing Kafka's time in an attempt to understand why the world is the way it is today.


The Metamorphosis
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The image above is perhaps the most interesting book cover for The Metamorphosis in existence and was created by the fabulous Mina Bach.  You can see her work here.