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Welcome to Biology AC! 

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Biology AC is a lab and activity intensive class.  Our curriculum focuses on teaching biological concepts at an accelerated level, while practicing higher level thinking and problem solving skills.   Your chances of being successful in this course are related to the amount of time and energy you put into it!   Here are several key guidelines that may help you:
• Stay organized and keep up with your work.  Use your calendar and plan on spending 3-5 hours per week outside of class.
 Learn the material as you go -- it makes prepping for the test easier!
 If you need help... come to tutorial, form study groups with other AC students
 Be an active participant in class. Do the activities!  Help your lab partners!  Contribute to class discussion!  Ask questions!

Meet your teacher...

As a transplant from the midwest, I grew up in a large family in small town in central Illinois and graduated from University of Illinois - Urbana with a Bachelor's degree in Biology.  I worked in research labs for 5 years at MIT/Whitehead Institute and Northwestern University before returning to school to get my Masters degree in Education.  After teaching for 2 years in Chicago Public Schools, I relocated to California and have been teaching science at Gunn ever since.  I've taught a range of Biology classes here including Integrated Science, Biology1A, AC, AP and Biotechnology.  In addition, I completed National Board Certification for Biological Sciences in 2009 along with several other Gunn science teachers.  During my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking, running and hanging out with my husband and 2 boys.
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Ms Merchant's Contact Info:
Classroom:  CTE-2
Email:  amerchant@pausd.org
Office Phone:   650-354-8246