About Me

Teaching runs in my family and I love it!   I try to find balance between my home and school life, which at times is difficult because my students are like my children.  I have been teaching at our school since it reopened as a charter school and I love seeing our school get better every year.  I am happily married to a wonderful man, Tamba Sellu, and we have a beautiful daughter named Sia Bellamay.  It is sure to be an exciting year, in and out of school!
Professional Background
  • Attended Sonoma State for my BA in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Math & Applied Arts
  • Stayed at SSU for my Teaching Credential
  • Student Taught in second & sixth grades
  • Taught fifth grade for 5 years in Sonoma County
  • After moving to Magalia 10 years ago I was very grateful to get a job at Forest Ranch Charter as the 4-5-6 teacher, then I taught the 3-4 class, then the 4-5 class, then back to a 3-4 for 3 years, straight 5th for 2 years, and this year back to 4/5 combo!
  • Other School Responsibilities (Lead Teacher for K-5, Safety Committee, and I was the Board Rep for the first 3 years.
  • Extensive amounts of Professional Development **Math.  Additional training in science, STEM, art, and Forestry.