·   Scientific Calculator either the TI-30XA or the Casio fx-260


·         You will have homework nearly every night

·         You will be expected to participate in class,

·         You will act responsibly and maturely. 

·         There will be online assignments.  I will give plenty of notice so you can make arrangements to access a computer, either at school or elsewhere.


REQUIRED MATERIALS: Unless I specifically tell you otherwise, I expect you to bring the following materials to class EVERDAY:

·   Textbook

·   Your planner

·   Scientific Calculator either the TI-30XA or the Casio fx-260

·   Pencils(preferably mechanical)

·   Paper (lined and graph)

·   compass


GRADING SCALE:                             GradE CALCULATION:

A = 90% - 100%                                  Geometry     / Algebra                                   

B = 80% - 89%                                   Tests /Quizzes              80%

C = 70% - 79%                                     HWK/CWK                20%

D = 60% - 69%                                   

F = 59% and Below                                                    

 NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED DURING CLASS. They must be put away and silenced before you enter the classroom. If cell phones are used during class, a referral will be written. If used during a test period, a referral will be written and a zero given for the test.

 CONDUCT OF THE CLASS: Once you enter the classroom, you will go to your assigned seat, take out your homework, put it on your desktop, and then immediately start on the bell ringer.  Once the bell rings, you are expected to be in your desk, quiet and working. While in class, I will expect you to follow all the rules and routines that are detailed for you in your student planner and some additional classroom rules that I will explain during the first days in class.


·         Assignments will be posted in the classroom and on my website.

·         Completed Homework is due the following day for full credit, ½ credit for a day late and a zero after that. 

·         It is the student’s responsibility to get the makeup work and will have 2 days for each day of an excused absence

·         Students must Show ALL work on EVERY problem.

·         Use pencil ONLY

 TUTORING: Tutoring will be available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 1:45 to 2:20. Due to after school teacher meetings the tutoring schedule is subject to change.  Make-ups and retakes can be taken on these days.  There are great tutorials and self tests available from the online book through my website.

 RETAKES FOR TESTS is allowed for one test per quarter with a score less than 70%.  Students must complete any missing homework for the section the test covers and must correct the test and have it signed before retaking the test. The original test and retake will be averaged and the highest score will be a 70%. Tests will be retaken after school during the tutoring times.

 WEBSITE: You can obtain the daily class assignments, homework, and online book by accessing my website from the faculty list at the OHS website at http://ohs.oneclay.net/

To access online textbook, focus (grades), Khan Academy and Algebra Nation
Log onto my.oneclay.net
username: student number
password: what you use to log in at school.

The textbook has the textbook, workbook and online tutorials available through the website.