Tech Support

Troubleshooting Chromebook Problems Yourself

Chromebook not running in top form?  Identify the situation that you have and try the listed steps:

Device Freezes or Runs Slowly.

  1. Reload the browser tab.
  2. Close the Chrome Browser window and open a new window.
  3. Restart the device using the hard reset command (press the reload and power buttons at the same time.)

Fix the "Aw, Snap!" error
aw snap message image

If the "Aw, Snap!" error appears, the webpage you tried to load crashed unexpectedly. To fix the error, try the suggestions below. After each step, check if the page loads correctly.

  • Refresh the page
    1. Usually, you can refresh the page to fix the error. In your browser window, click Reload.
  • Close old tabs
    1. Having a lot of open tabs uses up your Chromebook's memory and battery, and it might cause problems with the browser. 
    2. Try closing every tab except for the one that is showing the error. 
    3. Then try reloading the tab by clicking Reload .
  • Restart your Chromebook
    1. -Turning your Chromebook off and back on again applies any updates, like improvements and fixes. -
    2. To restart your Chromebook: press the reload and power buttons at the same time.

Powerwash Your Chromebook

  1. A powerwash deletes everything in your Downloads folder.  If you have important files in your downloads (pictures, music, etc...) back them up by copying them to Google Drive. 
  2. Shutdown your chromebook, then press ESC + Reload+ Power.  If you don't see a white screen that says "Chrome OS missing or damaged", repeat.
  3. Press ctrl+D
  4. Press "Enter"
  5. Press "Spacebar"
  6. Press "Enter"
  7. Connect to VKPublic wifi network and press "continue"
  8. Click "Accept and Continue"
  9. Sign in using your Google account info to enroll your device.
  10. Sign in using your Google account to use your chromebook.

Battery won't charge
chromebook battery image

  1. Make sure cord is fully attached 1) to the wall outlet 2) to the charging block 3) to your device.
  2. Make sure that the power outlet is working. Not sure?  Just try another outlet.
  3. Unplug your charger from the wall and your Chromebook, then plug it back in.

    wifi image

Wifi Connection Issues

  1. Turn wifi off and back on using the Taskbar's wifi button.
  2. Restart your device using a hard reset.

CIPAFilter Connection Issues 

  • Sign in to CIPA Filter
  • Make sure you only have 1 credential/ username listed
  • If you have to sign in each time, make sure you click the CIPA Filter extension icon and click "Reauth".  Then the extension will sign in automatically.

Device Controls Not Working

Fix Printing Issues
Google cloud print image

  1. Printing At School-Students can print to their grade level printer or the library copier.
  2. Color Printing-Students don't have access to the color printer because color printing is expensive.  If necessary,  ask your classroom teacher if you can share it with them to print.
  3. Printing At Home

Use the Chromebook Shelf & Status Area

Chromebooks 101 Image

Support for Chromebook Issues

Repairs, Damage, or Malfunctioning Devices

damaged chromebook

Support For Additional Devices

Windows Desktop/Laptop Computers

  1. Network Storage
    • You have network storage space on the H: drive.  This storage is accessible from the Windows-based computers at school.

Kindle Fire HD


Storing and Sharing Videos in Drive