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Classroom Setup and Management Documents:

Desk_Labels.doc (updated 10/07/08)

Class_Rules_Poster.pdf or Class_Rules_Poster.ppt

 Incomplete Assignment Stamp:

Forms and Templates:

Bellwork_Paper.pdf or Bellwork_Paper.doc

Closure_Paper.pdf or Closure_Paper.doc

 Who_I_Am.pdf or Who_I_Am.doc

 307_Classroom_Seating_Groups.png or  307_Classroom_Seating_Groups.doc

BelltoBell_Paper_v251.doc - the latest Bellwork paper that has BW, Closure, and much more on it 12/25/08


Original Clip Art:

 HW_Unacceptable_Stamp.png - Upload onto a custom rubber stamp website, like's large (2.24"x0.83") stamp.

All_Work_Background.jpg - A pic of a blank piece of notebook paper. I use this as the background to my poster that shows how all work should be done.

The following 4 images are of my personal class "logo"; I ask (but do not require) that you not use them yourself.

                     Turtle_Logo_PNGTrans.png                  Turtle_Logo_BMP.bmp          Turtle_Logo_Tilted_Small.png