Pacific NW Literature Unit

In this unit, we will study literature about familiar places and local people. Rather than read about far away places and people who you have no connection to, we will hold a magnifying glass of sorts up to the places we live and vacation.

Exposure to a wide variety of authors from different time periods who write both fiction and non-fiction will help us define the Pacific NW for ourselves. Our studies will range from literature dating back to the original Native American inhabitants of the region all the way up to some very contemporary novels. You will get to see how the region has evolved, as well as how different people who have lived here have portrayed the area in different types of writing.

You will also have an opportunity to do your own research into the literature and authors of this area. By focusing our study of literature on the place where we live, you will be able to hone your reading and writing skills in an environment that is interesting, fun and engaging.