Intro to Journalism

This introduction media class is designed to introduce you to elements of journalistic style, the history of journalism, and the importance of the press. 
The goal is to peak your interest while preparing you with the skills needed to participate on a newspaper or yearbook staff. We will learn the technical pieces of journalistic writing, the ethics and responsibilities involved in being a professional journalist, the components of layout and design, the cutting-edge technology used in modern media, and the business aspect of advertising. You will be developing your ability to write ledes, news, editorials, features, and sports stories. The other objective is that you understand what it means to be professional and responsible with the freedom of speech provided to you under the First Amendment.
In the end, your growth, discipline, and productivity will all be displayed in the final culminating 
project of the Cub Edition: the end of the year newspaper put together by the J1-2 class.