Freshman Language Arts

THE HERO'S JOURNEY: How identity and culture shape one's ability to achieve greatness

In this class, we will be observing, investigating, and analyzing the literature that defines the heroes journey across many cultures, identities and relationships. We will be identifying trends and techniques that authors, musicians, authors have grown to describe how an individual develops courage, strength and hope. Students will compare and critique concepts of calling, transformation, challenges, temptations, rebirth, atonement, enlightenment and leadership. We will view, read, and discuss an array of authors and materials that will aid us in our inquiry.

Additionally literature is an art form that we will also practice, and it can be represented in many ways: writing, speaking, performing, acting and collaborating. When an artist creates, he or she expresses values about the self, interpersonal relationships, and the world around him or her. Not only will we be surveying various text, but we will begin to reflect on how our journey has an affect on our attitude, our belief systems and our own art. This class will encourage students to become more familiar with how the way in which they liv
e can be interpreted to better understand language, history and communication.