CCR: Design Your Life

YOUR PATH (OUR PATH): Understanding direction and how influential it is

The Freshman Seminar is a college and career education course with a focus on writing and communicating. The goal of this course is to give your student the confidence, knowledge, and skills that lead to success both in school and adulthood. We will be looking closely at how individuals make decisions about how to prioritize what they want from life and how to aspire, attain and achieve. While we focus on our individual paths, we will also talk about our paths on a larger scale in terms of how we contribute to our communities.

Specific skills include:

Focusing on good study habits, note taking, communication, and other skills to succeed in school.

• Practicing time management, organization, group work, and other skills necessary for lifelong.

• Learning about the classes and activities offered at our school and the requirements for high

• Learning about college admission and other postsecondary programs in order to create a four-year

• Identifying personal interests, skills, and values and exploring career options that might be a good

• Developing a portfolio of student work and personal reflection that students can continue to add to throughout their high school career.